Lenovo XT96 TWS Earphones Offered at $11.80 [Summer Sale]


In addition to gaming laptops and headphones, Lenovo also makes other products, such as Bluetooth handsfree, which are gaining popularity among users these days. Lenovo XT96 TWS Earphones is one of these Earphones phones that has a stylish and compact appearance and takes advantage of the following unique features.

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Using this Lenovo XT96, you can hear up to ten meters without loss of sound quality and listen to your favorite music. Bluetooth 5.1 features include easy connection and high wireless transmission without signal interference. The Bluetooth range of this product is about 10 meters. This product also has a very low latency mode (60 milliseconds) that you can watch movies or play games without any worries about the delay.

Sound The sound heard from the XT96 Bluetooth Handsfree is quality and enjoyable. Because the diameter of the speakers of this Bluetooth handsfree is 13 mm and its sensitivity is around 109 dB. The impedance of these headphones is 32 ohms and its response frequency range is from 20 to 20,000 Hz. This product also has a noise absorber that eliminates the extra ambient noise when calling and the best possible sound to reach your ears; In addition, your voice is sent very clearly to the other party.

The Lenovo XT96 Bluetooth handsfree battery has a capacity of 300 mAh and the battery capacity of each headphone is 30 mAh. The charge rate for the handsfree earphones for listening to music is about 3.5 hours (3.7V), this amount will be about 20 hours considering the case charge of the case. You only need 1 hour to fully charge the Lenovo XT96, which can be run with the Type-C cable from the bottom of the handsfree.

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Buy Lenovo XT96 on Aliexpress


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