Lenovo YOGA 5000s Projector Released


Lenovo YOGA 5000s projector was released this afternoon, priced at 3,899 yuan, the initial price is 3,699 yuan.

Lenovo YOGA 5000s projector shape square, at the same time has rounded corners, very delicate, whether placed in the bedroom or living room can be called a work of art.

It is equipped with a new custom optical machine with flagship 0.47 “DMD and 1080P physics. Small body high brightness, with 1300CVIA lumens, equivalent to 2000ANSI lumens, day and night.

It is equipped with Amlogic T982 chip and supports 8K decoding. It is also very intelligent, positive and oblique, can focus and automatically follow, boot out of use, without manual focus adjustment.

Lenovo YOGA 5000s projector has been opened at 14 o ‘clock on May 25, pre-sale, will be officially opened at 20 o ‘clock on May 31, support 24 periods of interest free, buy a gift package worth 288 yuan (bracket + video season card).


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