Lenovo Yoga A12 Notebook Released at $299 with Halo Keyboard


Lenovo has officially released a new notebook, called Lenovo Yoga A12, which adopts 12.2 inch high definition display, powered by Intel Atom x5 processor, coming with RAM 2GB ROM 32GB internal storage.

This notebook uses android OS, which is not outstanding in specs, but it has a lot of attractive highlights, first, it has less than 1kg weight, the slimmest thickness up to 5.4 mm, which can bring better portability.

Yoga A12 uses Halo touched keyboard, when users need to use stylus pen, the keyboard will turn into the pure black interface. This keyboard can be seen in the press conference of Yoga Book last year with much innovation. But this kind of keyboard doesn’t have physical buttons. In order to let users feel more real, the keyboard also sets up the vibration and sound effect dual feedback.

Lenovo Yoga A12 owns aluminum and magnesium body, right now you can choose grey, and rose golden color, selling at 299 usd, 2,050 RMB, and it will see until Feb. 8.

Update: coupon code: VIPTableta13
SP: $399.05


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