Lenovo Yoga X Phablet First Leaked with Portable Display


Evan Blass (@EvLeaks) quotes Till Kottmann, an Android developer, as revealing that Lenovo is working on a new Android tablet, possibly called the Lenovo Yoga X, which will double as an auxiliary display for various devices.

The Yoga X is to be connected via HDMI ports to PCS, phones, and Switch to act as an auxiliary display for folding devices. When connected, Yoga X switches to the auxiliary display mode and suspends the built-in Android operating system. If disconnected, Yoga X returns to normal tablet mode.

Notably, Touch featureof Yoga X is still available under ancillary display mode, allowing users to adjust screen brightness, power and display Settings, and even output audio via HDMI.

There is no similar concept product on the market yet, but it does offer some value for specific users.

It’s unclear how far along the Yoga X is or when the manufacturer plans to bring it to market.


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