Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G: Best Budget 5G Phone With Snapdragon 855+


Lenovo Z6 Pro released in April this year is also continuing to implement a cost-effective strategy, and there is no shortage of surprises in terms of cost performance. The Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version was released in a big way at the press conference, which makes people look forward to a million points. The flagship 5G version will bring impact to the price of 5G mobile phones.

After waiting for nearly half a year, the price of Lenovo Z6 Pro has dropped to 1799, and the 5G version has finally debuted, priced at only 3,299 yuan. Now the major operators’ 5G coverage in major cities has been basically completed, and the tariff packages have also been launched. The 5G tide is just the rush, and there is not a small number of people who want to try the 5G speed. The timing of the very high 5G mobile phone is just right.

Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version has Snapdragon 855 plus 8 + 256 flagship configuration, more versatile AI four photos, but the price is very affordable. Inherited many of the very interesting features of the Z6 Pro. For example, this time the AI ​​is four shots, the four cameras have special functions and gameplay, super macro like microscope effect, super video night scene comparable to night vision. It can be said that no camera is a set of furnishings.

The upgraded ZUI 11 is also more and more aware of the needs of users, not only to meet your daily ordinary functions, but also a lot of special features for special needs. It is not a bucket machine that relies only on cost-effectiveness. It has many attractive highlights. This time with 5G support, plus the price of breaking the limit, the most affordable 5G flagship is none other than it. Next, it is a detailed evaluation of the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version.

Design & Appearance

The Z6 Pro 5G version has the same design style as the regular version, but with a new color scheme. The deep black is very low-key, but the bright blue light on one side is very dazzling. If you look at it, you will be deeply impressed. The front is a 6.3-inch drop screen that you can see on its narrow sides.

On the back, the blue-black glass body adds a sparkling streamer design. As the angle changes, the light band will move, but still, keep the camera in line with the logo. From the design point of view, while keeping a low profile, we also do not forget to highlight the powerful and Lenovo brand of four photos.

Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version of the water is relatively round, wrapped in a 3200W front camera, the top is the microphone. Although the thickness of the chin is not the narrowest, it is also the flagship level.

Rear four-camera solution. The main camera uses a 48 megapixel GM1 as a sensor to support pixel four-in-one technology. The three sub-photographs are 16 million super wide-angle lenses, 8MP telephoto lenses, and 2 million night-time lenses. The 2-megapixel night-time lens can’t be underestimated, its sensitivity is very high, and it can rely on it to turn the mobile phone into a “super night scene” of night vision.

At the bottom, for the sake of structure and weight, the 5G version does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Only microphone opening, Type-C interface, speaker. At the top, next to the microphone opening is the light sensor opening.


As the second-tier city in Zhengzhou, the 5G signal of China Unicom has been gradually spread out in the main city. It is still very easy to automatically switch to the 5G signal in the green area covered by a large area.

However, although China Unicom uses a 5G data network, the base station is still a large number of LTE base stations. This 5G/LTE hybrid networking method is a low-cost method for achieving high coverage in the early stage of 5G development. This model relies on the 5G core network to increase the network speed limit, and connect to the terminal through 4G multi-antenna concurrent connection to achieve speed beyond 4G. However, because it is not directly connected to the core network to provide services, there is still a certain gap compared to the theoretical speed of 5G.

Even so, the 5G speed is still far beyond 4G, and the speed of one can reach 81MB/s, and only one has 7MB/s. In this case, there is more than 10 times the gap. I believe that the gap will be wide after the official construction of 5G It will be bigger. Repeated testing of 4G speed distance 5G gap is still quite large

The change brought by 5G is not only the improvement of network speed but also the improvement of delay. The delay of the author’s 4G mobile phone in the same network environment is 47ms, but the 5G mobile phone can be stable in the early 30ms. Although it is still a hybrid network, there will still be 4G base stations in which the delay will be affected, but the improvement brought by the 5G part cannot be underestimated. Even if it is currently a 5G and 4G hybrid network, the delay is still very obvious.

Although there has been a lot of debate about the advantages and disadvantages of NSA and SA. However, the author’s test seems that the current pressure on 5G speed is still concentrated on the base station construction of operators. In the current 4G is very mature, and the 5G construction is gradually unfolding, the difference between the two networking modes is not obvious. The experience of 5G terminals under 5G data is greatly improved compared with 4G.

Hardware & Performance

Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version still uses the Snapdragon 855 processor. Although not the latest Snapdragon 855 PLUS, the performance of the Snapdragon 855 itself is very powerful. We can take a look at the performance of the game by running the software test and game performance test.

Master Lu

Master Lu is an extremely convenient software that integrates mobile phone optimization, parameter viewing, and performance detection. Its mobile phone evaluation function can display the performance of the mobile phone in the form of scores, which is very convenient for users to compare the performance of the mobile phone.

The score of nearly 450,000 is in the middle and upper reaches of the model of the Xiaolong 855. Even more than some models of the Snapdragon 855+.

GeekBench 4

GeekBench is a multi-platform CPU performance testing software that evaluates processors from both single-core and multi-core performance and is represented by quantified scores.


AndroBench is a benchmark application that measures the continuous read and writes performance of Android devices and 4K random storage performance, including internal or external storage.

Game performance test

We selected two of the most popular games on the mobile phone to test the performance of Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G.

The Glory of the King

“Glory of the King” is currently the most popular MOBA game on the mobile side. The difference in special effects under different image quality is still quite obvious, and the high-efficiency picture is more beautiful, and whether the number of frames is stable is also a problem. We use ultra-high image quality to test the image quality of Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G with super high quality.

The Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version runs the “King of the Glory” frame at the highest quality, and the frame number is very stable. The frame number fluctuation under 60 frames is very small, only 0.61 frames.

Peace elite

“Peace Elite” is currently the most popular TPS shooting game on the mobile side. The shooting game is very concerned about the level of the frame and the stability. We used the highest quality to test the frame number fluctuations of Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G.

The “Elite Elite” under the highest quality is more than enough for the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version. The full-frame runs stably.

As far as the current game is concerned, there is no difference between the Snapdragon 855 and the Snapdragon 855 PLUS experience, both of which can make the mainstream game full frame stable. Choosing Xiaolong 855 can reduce the price without affecting the performance and user experience of the mobile phone. It can be said that it is the most cost-effective and powerful performance solution.


The Lenovo Z6 Pro is equipped with a 4000mAh battery, which is almost the standard capacity of many flagship phones. Although the battery capacity is not outstanding, the battery life is more to see the power consumption of the components and the optimization of the system. Although some mobile phones have large batteries, the energy consumption ratio of the devices is very high, and the battery life is not as good as these flagships. Next, we test its battery life through the actual scene.

Video endurance test

The video endurance test is mainly to simulate the power consumption condition when watching online video and test power consumption. The brightness is set to 70%, the sound is set to 30%, and after one hour of playing 1080P video, the power consumption is 8%. Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version of the video life is about 12.5 hours.

Game life test

We used “Peace Elite” to test the performance of its game life. The screen settings were the same as those in the performance test. The brightness was set at 70% and the sound was 30%.

After 20 minutes of play, the power dropped by 8%. The game life is about 4 hours. “Peace Elite” has a higher configuration requirement, a larger hardware load, and higher power consumption.

Charging curve test

Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G Edition supports fast-charging up to 18W. However, because I don’t have a suitable charging head at hand, I can only temporarily test the normal charging efficiency of 10W power.

In the normal charging mode of 10W, it takes nearly one and a half hours for Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G to charge the battery to 98%. If fast charging is used, it is believed that the charging time can be controlled for about one hour. Still very efficient.


The ZUI system has become more and more perfect as the version changes. The basic functions of gesture interaction and UI interaction in the full-screen era are updated and adapted in time. The very practical design like negative one-screen navigation can also follow up in time. And it’s the most distinctive ones are those lab features. ZUI’s lab is rich and fun. Like location traversal, it provides you with a tool to change the location from the system level, no need to spend the risk of bricking.

The location traversal function can be said to be very thoughtful. In the app, it shows which installed programs can support the traversal function. It is also very convenient to select the location. The interface UI is similar to the map app. You can select the location directly from the map or search for the location through the search function. And it also offers popular options, one-click to find the location of people around, to help you quickly “punch.”

When you use position traversal, a rocker is also generated to control your movement. In addition to letting you cross the scenic area, location crossing can also serve those offline AR games. Need to move to a specific location check-in, the cumulative number of steps to complete the task, where there are random events, can be completed without leaving the phone by phone. In addition to location traversal, ZUI also has many useful functions such as small window video, close to the ear and automatic answering, which we need to explore slowly in use.


The Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version still uses the AI ​​four-shot combination. Its main camera sensor GM1 is good, and its three sub-photographs are useful, not a lot of furnishings. In conjunction with the main camera, the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version of the camera offers a variety of fun ways to play, even when used as a night vision device.

Day Proofs Show

Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version is very pleased with the eye-catching of the camera, highlighting a pure and bright, and no excessive force, the color is just right. Whether it is a 12-megapixel 4-in-1 mode or a 48-megapixel straight-out, there are suitable scenarios. Give users full choice and be able to complement each other.

Take photos during the day, Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version can easily deal with. The main camera’s four-in-one technology optimizes the brightness of the picture while preserving detail. Whether it is a strong backlight scene or a forest under the light, it can be recorded very realistically, without returning to exposure and distortion.

48MP Straight out

Lenovo Z6 pro 5G version supports 48 Megapixels straight out photos. If the lighting is good, it is okay to use 48MegaPixels straight out to pursue better photo details.

In the case of no enlargement, the biggest difference between the two photos is that the dark portion of 12 million pixels is brighter. This is also the result of a larger pixel sensitivity of the four-in-one pixel. At 12 million pixels, the dark part will be brighter and the details will increase.

After zooming in, we can feel the difference in detail. Like the number on the dial, the outline of the edge of the window will be clearer. Although 12 Megapixels can retain their edge marks, the pixel is limited, the resolution is still slightly worse. However, the two modes have their own scenarios and advantages, and the choices are in the hands of the users.

Macro mode

The Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G automatically switches the macro mode when it is close to shooting. In macro mode, the focus distance is smaller and more details of the object can be presented.

Super Macro can further enlarge the details of the object, making it extremely convenient and useful for shooting small objects such as flowers. Moreover, the macro mode of the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G is more than that. In the wide-angle lens macro shooting, even the liquid crystal molecules of the display can be clearly photographed, and interested friends can give it a try.

Night scene mode proofs

The main role of the night scene mode is to suppress noise and highlights. The author shot directly against the sky and the lights at night and found that the photos after the treatment were satisfactory.

Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version of the night scene mode for brightness processing is not as exaggerated as other mobile phones, while reducing noise, suppressing highlights, the overall brightness of the picture is still in line with the night eye.

Compared with night vision video night scene

The video night scene is the biggest highlight of the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version. A 2-megapixel ultra-sensing surveillance camera can make the dark nights shine as bright as day. When shooting night video, the original black lacquered picture is bright and white after turning on the video night scene. It is just a night vision device.

Turn on the super night video, the night will be bright as white

In general, the camera imaging level of the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version is not inferior to other flagship modules. Lenovo has also taken a different approach, so that the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version of the camera, in addition to a simple photo, there are many new ways to play. Features like macro mode and super night scenes comparable to night vision are also an added bonus for its camera capabilities.


At present, a number of 5G mobile phones have been launched on the market, but the prices are relatively expensive. At present, 5G is still in the promotion stage, the infrastructure has not been fully built, and the experience cannot be fully guaranteed. As an example, the early adopter price of the 5G network should be maintained in a range that is easy for users to accept.

Therefore, in this 5G early-stage 5G mobile phone, it should be able to have a good configuration, and perfect compatibility with 5G, while the price is moderate, can be accepted by consumers. The flagship performance of Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G Edition and the price of 3299 yuan, perfectly meet these requirements.

Although the Snapdragon 855 is not the latest processor, as the flagship product in the first half of 2019, the performance is still strong. In our test, the full-frame stabilization game is no problem; 8+256 storage is enough to meet the high speed. The 5G network quickly downloads files and watches the demand for high-definition video. The camera strength is not inferior to other flagships. It also has amazing super macro and super night video with night vision, which makes the phone take a lot of pictures.

5G part of the test, Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G in the current 5G environment, can easily access the 5G data network automatically. Although it is only a 5G/LTE mixed network, the speed can easily reach a peak of 80MB/s. A PC-level thermal configuration has also been specially prepared to ensure the stability of the 5G chip under high load.

Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version greatly reduced the entry threshold of 5G, compared with other 5G mobile phones, the affordable price, and good configuration can be said to refresh the 5G flagship cost limit! If you want to taste the early 5G era, and don’t want to spend high prices to buy terminal equipment in the early stage of promotion, Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G version is undoubtedly your best choice.


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