Lenovo ZUK Edge II Luo Tianyi Edition Unveiled


Recently, since Xiaomi cooperated with MIKU to release its first special edition for Redmi Note 4X as the first new year smartphone, there is some news about lenovo sub-brand, ZUK will release ZUK Edge Luo Tianyi version, and they will also send popobe in the package.


According to leaked photos, this cartoon girl is Luo Tianyi which is first world Chinese VOCALOID sound data and virtual image based on the voice combined engine of VOCALOID 3 from Yamaha company, it has been released since 2012, which is very famous until now. But today there are netizens to expose the ZUK Edge II photos.

In terms of photos, it has Lenovo ZUK Edge II words on the package, and there is a phone and a popobe, Luo Tianyi, which means when you buy this smartphone, you will get a cartoon gift.

In details, this smartphone uses dual rear camera and curved screen, it has blue color available, the model is Z3151, as you know, ZUK Edge is the NO.Z2151, so if the news is real, ZUK Edge II will be the second smartphone relative to the cartoon. Of course, it aims higher market than Redmi Note 4X. Stay tuned.


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