LeTV LeEco Le 3 First RAM 8GB Dual Rear Camera LeAI Smartphone Coming By End of October


Letv will hold BigBang press conference by the end of this month to announce Letv entering into USA officially. Actually Letv has started to launch the office in USA for two years. Jia Yueting as Letv founder claims that he hopes LeEco innovation mode can become the new road to increase the world economy, and looks forward to the first LeEco LeAI smartphone going in public. And he hints that this latest eco smart end device will be released at the press conference of Bigbang in USA. As the first LeAI smartphone, EUI will also enjoy the new change, the new phone will become the first innovative smartphone to open North America market.


Letv has not only made big move in Eco aspects, but also they will release a new superphone with dual rear camera, it will name Letv LeEco Le 3. We have reported that there is a model, LEX652 smarthone confirmed from TENAA before. But letv has still not released it. From the pictures, we can see this phone will have dual rear camera and dual tone LED flash.


Today, a netizen exposed the news that Letv will hold the new phone press conference by the end of this month, it called Le 3. In terms of hardware, Le 3 will not only use dual rear camera, but also become the AI smartphone probably from Jia Yueting.


It is said Le 3 will uses dual 16MP rear camera which will be the best rival of iPhone 7 Plus to support 4 times optical zooming. And the front camera has also updated to use 12MP , in order to keep smartphone storage, it cancelled the earphone jack to have more storage.


iPhone 7P plus supports 2 times optical zooming with dual rear camera, over two times, it belongs to digital zooming. Therefore, Le 3 will have higher image quality than before. This new smartphone will become the flagship smartphone with dual rear camera below $250 from this half year to the next year. Compared with Iphone 7 plus, Le 3 seems better in dual rear camera, so this time, Le 3 will be possible to overcome iPhone completely. Meanwhile, Le 3 will be first to use RAM 8GB, according to the current supply chain, right now it only can support Snapdragon 821 to enjoy RAM 8GB. Therefore, let’s stay tuned about Le 3 by the end of this month.



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