Letv LeEco Le Dual 3, the first AI Smartphone Will Release Tomorrow


A few months ago, a smile smartphone of Letv has been unveiled at TENAA, but after Letv released Le Pro 3 , they still doesn’t announce it. Right now according to the latest news, Letv will hold press conference in USA to release its first AI smartphone, Letv Le Dual 3.

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Letv will get its Letv China, USA, and all of staff together to attend this press conference. Before the conference starts, Jia Yueting as Letv CEO has also shown the Le Dual 3 with other local administrators in USA  to enjoy this latest phone.


Although this smartphone will be released in USA, it doesn’t mean it will not go public in China. It’s said after the press conference, the China version of Le Dual 3 will name Le 3, and the position of Le Pro 3 will be different from Chinese version. This new smartphone will use a mysterious customized processor rather than Snapdragon 820, 821. As for camera, it will come with dual rear camera with 4 times optical zooming to improve the photo effect, it also has 12MP front camera. And someone said it will have iris recognition.


Le Dual 3 as the first smile dual rear camera AI smartphone will combine with our life to realize interaction between human and the device by smart voice recognition, natural language processing and big data search, and learning deeply the neural network. After the OS accept the text voice message, it can understand thoroughly what the user wants by telling, searching and analyzing. So are you looking forward to this Le Dual 3? Stay tuned tomorrow.


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