LeTV M65 Releases The First Mini LED Flagship Quantum Dot TV M65


LeEco announced its return in a high-profile manner. It released many new ecological products in one go. The main focus was naturally super TVs, especially the first flagship quantum dot TV “M65” with Mini LED technology, priced at 6,999 yuan, and partitions of the same size. The backlight is the most and the lamp post is the most.

Compared with traditional LED, the Mini LED backlight module has smaller particles, a more delicate display effect, higher screen brightness, more accurate backlight adjustment, which can effectively solve the problem of traditional LED backlight unevenness, and it has longer than an OLED panel. Service life and lower screen power consumption are considered to be the best choice between LED and OLED panels.

LeTV M65 claims to have “retinal-level” partitions, with 576 partition backlights, 9216 micron-level luminous lamp beads (16 in one area), and 1000nits brightness, which can more accurately, realistically, and delicately present different scenes such as bright and dark fields.

It is also equipped with quantum dot display technology, with a color gamut covering 106% of NTSC and 95% of DCI-P3. The LeTV M65 has a minimalist design, an all-metal frameless full screen, and an internal Mstar 6A848 flagship processor, 3GB of memory, and 32GB of storage.

The top is equipped with a lift camera, 4 Megapixels, 1080p high-definition output, support for high-definition photography, video calls, AI fitness, and LeTV far-field voice 2.0, support 0.5 seconds fast response, 5 meters + long-distance sound recognition, four microphones + full Directional radio can cover more than 100 kinds of scene services in daily life.

In terms of software, LeTV Super TV and Tencent START Cloud Games have become in-depth partners. In June, the exclusive desktop for Tencent Cloud Games will be launched, including “The King of Fighters 14”, “The Original God”, “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, and “Time of Portia” And other popular games.

Tencent START cloud games can complete the calculation, storage, and rendering of high-quality games on remote servers, and then through video stream compression and high-speed network transmission, allowing players to obtain games in the form of streaming media on different terminals.

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In addition, there are TV APP fun short videos for watching short videos on the big screen. The content covers Youku, CIBN, Weibo, and other platforms.

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