LeTV W6 Smartwatch First Released Priced at $78


In recent years, intelligent equipment has become popular among public users. After LeEco announced the creation of LeEco’s smart ecosystem in 518 this year, new products under its brand of intelligent eco-products have also appeared frequently. It is understood that a new smartwatch LeTV W6 equipped with a retina-level AMOLED screen has been launched on LeTV Mall, which supports Bluetooth calls and a variety of sports modes, as well as a variety of health monitoring, and can achieve seven days of long-lasting battery life.

Appearance: fashionable texture

LeTV Smart Watch W6 adopts a classic round dial in appearance design, one-piece metal design style, full texture, delicate hand feel, very suitable for wearing on the wrist.

Customization: Personalized dial

How can a smartwatch not be equipped with a custom dial selection? LeTV Smart Watch W6 has multiple custom dials to choose from, straightforward, individual, fashionable, or business style. You can customize the dial according to your preferences.

Screen: Retina screen

For a watch, the screen is undoubtedly essential. The LeEco smartwatch W6 uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED retina screen; the details are precise, the vivid and vivid field of view, and the fingertips are intelligent and smooth.

Call: Bluetooth call

LeTV Smart Watch W6 supports Bluetooth phones, and you can freely choose the operation of answering, rejecting, and mute. When needed, you can free your hands and easily cope with various life conditions such as sports, commuting, and work.

Health: monitor at any time

One of the essential functions of a smartwatch is health monitoring. W6 has built-in blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, sleep, and other testing items. Whether it is exercise or rest, you can monitor your health status and understand your physical condition at any time.

Sports: professional mode

In addition to basic sports data recording accidents, the W6 smartwatch also supports various professional sports modes such as running, swimming, mountain climbing, basketball, etc. Independent calculations provide more scientific sports data and guidance, allowing you to arrange exercise plans and exercises more reasonably—private time.

Battery life: strong seven days

No matter how powerful the smartwatch product function is, it won’t work without battery life. LeTV Smart Watch W6 has a built-in large-capacity battery with a maximum battery life of 7 days. Magnetic charging brings a convenient charging experience, which is very suitable for businesses and young friends to wear and use.

The LeTV innovative ecology is renewed again. In addition to the stylish product design, Letv WATCH W6 is also very considerate regarding function trials. It is equipped with multiple practical functions such as health monitoring and sports. At the same time, the LeTV smartwatch W6 can also realize Bluetooth calls and call reminders. . At present, this new product is first released in LeTV Mall, priced at 599 yuan, 100 yuan off when placing an order, and the price is only 499 yuan. For such a smartwatch that can talk, monitor health, and accompany you to exercise, Its cost performance is good, and interested friends can pay attention to it.

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