LG 16 Camera Patent Exposure: 4 × 4 Curved Array, “Yuba” Plus


LG recently obtained a patent of 16 camera matrix, 4 × 4 arrays, if the four cameras are Yuba, then this can be called Yuba Plus.

According to reports, on November 20, 2018, LG Electronics obtained the patent of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for “mobile terminals and control methods for mobile terminals.” This patent describes an LG smartphone camera with 16 lenses.

The lenses are arranged in a matrix of curvature such that different lenses can take photos from multiple perspectives. These cameras can be made into an array of curved surfaces, and the user can select a specific lens to take a picture.

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In addition, it can take photos of multiple shots at the same time. You can then choose the best photo from the series, or you can combine photos taken simultaneously with different shots into a dynamic image.

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