LG G Flex X: The Concept of the Definitive Folding Smartphone


LG is planning for something big for 2019. Yes! we could probably see the LG foldable smartphone. This is likely to unveil with the name LG G Flex X. After the LG G Flex 2, LG didn’t introduce any smartphone in the Flex series. Previously, we have heard rumors from Samsung about the prototype of Samsung foldable phone.

While the Samsung foldable phone release date is still a mystery, we already found another patent from LG that is in plans to introduce LG G Flex X foldable phone. From the rumors and concept video rendered, let us take a sneak peek into LG G Flex X specs, design, and price.

The one shown in this video is LG G Flex X, a very interesting folding device. The concept is based on patents actually deposited by the company, which is why the company could really decide to make such a product.

However, the concept of folding smartphone expressed in this video is very different than what Samsung thinks. The company is, in fact, making a device that should be able to really “break” the screen so as to fold the smartphone and insert it into the pocket. The one shown below is instead a traditional smartphone, but with a double display panel that, if necessary, can be opened and turn the smartphone into a tablet or mini PC.

Why bother to make a display panel that can bend at will when a second display can be inserted at the back of the device? These were the thoughts of those who created this concept. The presented smartphone has a traditional dual Edge front panel and a virtually identical panel at the back. On the side, there is a hinge that allows the second display to open and then turn.

In this way, the screen can be expanded and turn the entire device into a tablet, or it can be positioned in such a way as to make the smartphone a mini PC. We like the idea very much and the concept of this LG G Flex X convinces us. How do you think? We leave room for comments.

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