LG G8 Will Be Presented at MWC 2019 With a Double Folding Screen (Rumor)


New information from Korea states that the LG G8 will be announced early next month at MWC 2019 and will feature a double folding screen. The new phone of the Korean brand will be differentiated from its future folding rival, the Samsung Galaxy F, in that LG has chosen to use two screens that connect with each other instead of a single screen.

When folded, the LG G8 will have a small screen that can be close to 4 “, the size of a small smartphone. When deployed, it will expand to have a 7 ” screen, similar to the size of a large phone or small tablet.

ZTE’s dual-screen approach with the Axon M resulted in a thick device with a large hinge in the center between the two screens. It is expected that the LG G8 presents a unique screen aspect with both screens connected to each other.

The main advantage of LG’s approach to folding screens is their lower price since while the Samsung phone is expected to cost more than $1824, the selling price of the folding phone of LG will not cost much more than the current premium smartphones, around $900. Along with the LG G8 folding, it is expected that LG will present a new user interface called ‘Touchless’.

This interface will allow the sensors on the front of the phone to recognize the gestures of the hands without touching the screen. The report mentions that these sensors will be able to capture their gestures in the air at a distance of 20 to 30 cm from the actual screens. The objective of this system is to facilitate the use of folding dual-screen smartphones from any position. The Touchless interface will expand beyond the LG G8, as it will reach the V series and other LG phones.

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