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The LG PF50KA Projector is a lightweight and portable projector that can produce up to 100-inch screens without any hiccups. With its compact design, you’ll be able to take it with you anywhere.

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LG PF50KA Portable is the new wave in the market that comes with a lot of comfort and convenience to take them along anywhere you go. However, most of these portable projectors come with limited features to keep them light and handy. The PF50KA offers the smallest dimensions in its class. At 9.4 inches wide by 5.4 inches high and 8.7 inches deep, it is undoubtedly the most portable. It has an internal battery that provides up to two and a half hours of wireless viewing.


The LG PF50KA projector is a Full HD 1080p definition model – still very respectable even if it’s a bit dated – which allows you to see the details and the grain of the image. However, do not expect miracles and in a projection on a large surface, such as a 100-inch screen, the points are more and more stretched and the image becomes more blurred.


The low power of the luminous flux reaching only 600 lumens has a major impact on the performance of the small PF50KA projector. To the point that in a bright environment, it is difficult to distinguish the details of the image, which improves a little in a darker room, even if the problem persists. It’s pretty quiet and the lamp boasts an impressive 30,000-hour lifespan; which means that with eight hours of use per day, the LED lamp could have a life expectancy of 10 years. There are two HDMI inputs, a 3.5mm input, another digital input, a USB socket, and an RJ45 socket. It is also Bluetooth and DLNA compatible. Like televisions, the PF50KA is smart and has its streaming content platform, so you can watch your content without an additional device.

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