LG Q9 Exposure: Snapdragon 710, Steel Plate Design


Recently, the Korean media has exposed a group of LG new phone renderings and connected design, the phone is that the LG Q9 Mobile, that may be a mobile that locates the mid-market, that the configuration isn’t too high, however, its style and technology there’s nothing to mention. As are often seen from the image, the LG Q9 may be a robust vogue. within the state of the screen, the machine is an additional sort of a plate. in step with the information, the aspect of the mobile may be a full metal integrated style, the rear is additionally fabricated from metal, with a completely sealed style, permitting the rear cowl and sides to be seamlessly connected to attain the art of a plate.

The screen is supplied with LG’s own diode screen, the screen size is a 5.8-inch FHD+ level screen, the resolution is 2160×1080 pixels, the screen’s ratio is 18:9 classic proportion. additionally, the LG Q9 is supplied with one camera with 1600W pixels and a twin camera with 1800W+2000W pixels. It supports 4K video and optical image stabilization.

The front screen and frame style of the LG Q9 is OK. It retains a bit higher and lowers border. The higher frame is slightly wider than the lowest frame as a result of it’s equipped with a camera and speakers. the lowest border is written with the LG emblem. pattern. maybe as a result of the frame may be an absolutely sealed style, their square measure obvious left, and right borders. the rear of the phone is meant to inherit the LG vogue, with a horizontal double-lens rear read and diode lights within the higher middle position.

Configuration, it’s according that the LG Q9 is going to be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, that is presently the simplest mid-range processor. The running memory is obtainable in 4GB and 6GB versions. The phone’s storage memory is 128GB/256GB/512GB and supports 2048GB TF card enlargement.

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As a mid-range machine, the LG Q9 technically saves a great deal of useless technology, like unlocking technology. The phone doesn’t have the strike fingerprint unlocking technology and therefore the screen fingerprint unlocking technology, however, returns to the initial slippy unlocking. And unlock the numbers. The LG Q9 conjointly incorporates an inherent 3800 mAh battery and supports quick charging technology. I do not grasp what you think that regarding this “steel plate”.

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