LG V30 Plus with 128GB ROM Will Be Released on September 15


LG V30 will be released officially on August 31, which is the day before IFA 2017, we have known much news about LG V30 smartphone design and specs, now there is news to leak LG will release two smartphones, the other one is LG V30 Plus.

It is said that LG V30 Plus will be exclusively sold in South Korea, which has no big difference from LG V30, besides same full screen design, there are many same specs, such as Snapdragon 835 processor, RAM 6GB, 3,200mAh battery.

But LG V30 Plus will have 128GB ROM, larger than LG V30 with ROM 64GB, this two smartphones will have some disparity in basic functions, such as wireless charging and Hi-Fi audio playing, currently, we have no idea which phone will have such functions. But we can guss LG V30 Plus may have better audio, and LG V30 may have wireless charging.

LG V30 Plus is said to be released on September 15 with LG V30 in South Korea, and the former is said to sell at $875, about 5,828 yuan, the latter will sell about $700, 4,662 yuan. So are you expecting seeing both?


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