LG Watch Style Smartwatch Will Sell at $249


Previously, smartwatch OS Android Wear 2.0 will be released on February 9, the first smartwatch to come with this OS will be the one created by LG and Google together. According to latest news, LG will release two new smartwatch, LG Watch Sport, LG Watch, as for their design, specs and price, they all have been unveiled.

In design, according to Evan Blass, he has leaked the LG Watch Style real photo with silver, rose golden and other colors. LG Watch Style will use 1.2 inch OLED screen with 10.8 mm thickness and 360*360 resolution. But LG Watch Sport will use 1.38inch screen with 14.2mm thickness and 480*480 resolution. It is said that this smartphone will support changing strip band and other colors like silver and white color and dark blue color. LG will be equipped with heart rate sensor, and Android Pay function, compitable with 3G, 4G network and GPS and NFC. This two smartwatch will both provide wifi, bluetooth network and IP68HE, IP67 waterproof and anti-dust function.

In specs, LG Watch Sport will have RAM 768MB, ROM 4GB internal storage, built in 430mAh battery, and LG Watch Style will have RAM 512MB, ROM 4GB internal storage, built in 240mAh battery.

Last but not least, LG Watch Style will sell at least $249, but LG Watch Sport will have more powerful function with higher price. But it will have different price according to its different wristband and colors. As for final price, just stay tuned for official news.


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