LG Wing Rotatable Screen officially Announced: Releasing on September 14th


LG Electronics announced today that the company would release its new flagship smartphone is called LG Wing through an online event on September 14.

LG posted an official video invitation letter for the event on YouTube. The invitation letter showed that the two smartphone screens crossed in a T shape and then aligned to form a vertical screen. LG said that this new smartphone would be the first product in its Explorer Project series.

According to previous revelations, this phone is called the LG Wing. It adopts a rotating screen design and looks like a hammer. The main screen is 6.8 inches, and the rotating secondary screen is 4 inches. The second screen is considered to be used for multitasking. Deal with.

According to Korean media “E-news”, the LG Wing will use a rear three-camera lens, a 64-megapixel primary camera, and a Qualcomm 7 series mobile application processor (765, 765G, 768G). According to Geekbench running score information, the machine is equipped with a chip suspected to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, GPU is Adreno 620, equipped with 8GB storage, single-core 610 points, multi-core 1874 points.

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LG said that, compared with traditional devices, the Explorer series would focus on providing innovative products with different usage methods. LG said that the new device would have features co-developed with streaming services Rave, Fiction and Tubi and South Korean search giant Naver. LG also confirmed that its upcoming smartphones would use Qualcomm chips.


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