LIECTROUX C30B Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: An amazing cleaner for just $199.99


LIECTROUX C30B Vacuum Cleaner is a new generation robot. Distinctive features of this model are the powerful 3000PA engine, capable of working in three modes (Eco, Standard, Power) and an advanced cartographer with room memory. The robot is also equipped with wet cleaning with electronic control of the water supply – it will not leak out of the robot when it stops or ends cleaning.

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The design of the removable trash can and water tank allows the robot to work more efficiently and perform a more thorough cleaning. The modular design is convenient for end-users to service robots on their own. The robot has 2 replaceable tanks: a water tank and a dust collector tank. The fully enclosed chassis design ensures that dust cannot get into the motherboard, preventing it from corroding.


The LIECTROUX C30B Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a navigation system with the ability to build a two-dimensional map of the space. This allows you to specify the exact territory for cleaning and restrict movement in specified areas. It also remembers his route and does not clean several times in the same place. And this significantly speeds up the cleaning process and eliminates the passage of dirty areas.

The LIECTROUX C30B Vacuum Cleaner is controlled using a mobile application in which you can specify the schedule and area of cleaning. The operating mode and adjust the suction power. LIECTROUX C30B Vacuum Cleaner uses a large dust collector with a volume of 600 ml. Which eliminates the need for regular cleaning. In addition to dry cleaning. The vacuum cleaner maintains wet – for this. It is equipped with a separate 350 ml tank with an automatic stop of the water supply when the vacuum cleaner stops working.

Due to the housing height of only 7.4 cm. The vacuum cleaner can pass under different furniture for a more thorough cleaning of the premises. And the built-in 2500 mAh battery is enough for an area of 200 m². Upon completion of work or at a low charge. The robot will automatically return to the docking station for recharging.

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