(Limited Sale) On Xiaomi Piston In-ear Earphones Just $5.74 & ORICO CBS5 Cable Holder Clips Just $2.66 On @Lightinthebox


Xiaomi Piston In-ear Earphones Fresh Version adopts the third generation damping balance system, optimizes the three-frequency performance, and provides the clear and pure sound for you. And ORICO CBS5 Cable Holder Clips stuck easily to the surface you put it on, and now you can see which cord is which.if you have a small space for my nightstand and your charging cables are always falling in the dark corner next to the bed, but not anymore! you will even stick them onto the nightstand yet and they still hold the cables well.

Xiaomi Piston In-ear Earphones

Aluminium alloy earbud, anti-fingerprint and durable Third generation damping balance system deliver the more clear and detailed sound Built-in mic for hands-free calls With on-cord control for music and calls control Ergonomics design, comfortable to wear, The Xiaomi Piston In-ear Earphones are also scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint magnet and offer non-slip feel. It comes with frequency response range of 20Hz to 20000Hz and weighs 14gram. There is an in-line control that features a microphone and a button for playing or pausing music and answering or ending calls.A whole new level of fidelity CNC Aerospace-grade metal chamber with Zircon sandblasting process surface, wear and scratch resistant.Durable,break-resistant cable.Xiaomi Piston In-ear Earphones is now available on Lightinthebox just at $5.74

ORICO CBS5 Cable Holder Clips

The ORICO CBS5 Cable Holder Clips is 5 Channel Silicon Cord Holder (Cord Management ) Eco-friendly, Strong and Long Lasting and Space Saving.We choose high-quality silicone, with good elasticity.The multipurpose cable clips can work for Power Cords, Charging Cables, USB Cords, Cell Phone Chargers, Audio Cables, Mouse Cable, Headphones, and More.With 3M seamless double-side adhesive.Good adhesion and durability.Easily mount to a desk, wall, table Car, and another flat surface with permanent peel and stick backing.

This Cable/Cord Holder suitable for cable less than 6mm(0.20in) only.Keep the desktop flat before paste it.This has made the cables so much easier to manage next to our bed. I was always searching for cables that fell but now they are exactly where I left them. It can be stuck to the side or back for a discrete look. If I could change one thing I would open the groove a little wider so the cables can move easier.Just what you need to keep my charging station organized for my iPad, iPhone, Fitbit etc. ORICO CBS5 Cable Holder Clips is now available on Lightinthebox $2.66.


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