Liu Zuohu Explains Why OnePlus 6T Cancels 3.5mm Headphone Jack


OnePlus 6T new product launch, the Liu Zuohu is more and more exposed in the media. Recently, Liu Zuohu once again accepted an interview with foreign media, telling why a 6T headset should be canceled. The message to cancel the headset jack was originally derived from the announcement of a plus co-founder Carl Pei. In this regard, Liu Zuohu said that one of the reasons for canceling the 3.5mm headphone jack is to make room for the screen fingerprint sensor.

It is understood that this technology called “Screen Unlock” is mainly realized by replacing the physical sensor on the back of the mobile phone to the bottom of the screen, so the fingerprint reader occupies the basic space inside the bottom of the mobile phone. In addition to this reason, Liu Zuohu also said that users are now relying more and more on Bluetooth headsets! According to a recent user survey, 59% of respondents have used wireless headsets to listen to music or make calls. Analytical company NPD said that in the United States, since June 2016, sales of Bluetooth headsets have surpassed non-Bluetooth headsets for the first time. This is why more and more smartphone companies are starting to cancel the headphone jack.

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“This is one of the most difficult decisions we have made.” Liu Zuohu said in an interview. Because of Liu Zuohu deep understanding, this move (cancellation of the headphone jack) will be controversial, especially if most people still use wired headphones. However, Liu Zuohu still believes that this trade-off is worthwhile in adding 6T. He said, “When you experience enough screen unlocking, you will love it,”

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