LONGER Orange 30 Review – Desktop SLA 3D Printer For Just €240.41 at TOMTOP


Longer 3D, a desktop and industrial 3D printer manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, is launching an affordable desktop solution for LCD SLA 3D printing called the Orange 30. The LONGER Orange 30 desktop SLA 3D printer is a low-cost resin 3D printer, it uses a 2K resolution LCD screen to solidify a liquid resin. Other low-cost SLA models from Longer 3D include the Orange 10 and Orange 120, the main difference being their build volume and connectivity.


The LONGER Orange 30 desktop SLA 3D printer has a weight of only 6 kg for overall dimensions of 200 x 200 x 390 mm, Orange 30 includes a touch screen with matrix UV-backlit LED technology which helps to realize high-contrast and uniform distribution of surface light source on the print. Combined with a 2K resolution LCD, this helps to achieve higher precision printing with an accuracy of 47.25um. The system also comes with a printing volume of 120 x 68 x 170 mm. You will understand, the Orange 30 is based on stereolithography technology. Therefore, it is mainly aimed at makers who need a high level of detail for their small 3D prints.

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Other features include a high-temperature warning system that monitors the 3D printer temperature in real-time, preventing damage to the Orange 30 if temperatures exceed limits. Furthermore, Longer 3D has developed its own slicing software to be used in conjunction with the Orange 30. It is said to be faster than open-source slicing software and provides support functions for the 3D printer. Like the automatic detection of suspended parts and cross-linked grid support to help guarantee the success rate of complex models.

Orange 30 desktop SLA 3D printer comes with professional PC slicing software Longer, slice a 100M file in 10 seconds. Compatible with Chitubox for more features. Intelligent one-click add supporting structure in the slicing software automatically detects. The floating part and adds cross-linked grid support to ensure the success rate of complex model printing. Automatically identify the print file in the U-Disk for offline printing. The printing process pauses automatically at high LED temperatures and will resume printing automatically upon sufficient cooling.


Like smartphones, printers are also evolving with additional features and functions every year. Next-generation 3D printers are already in the market offering greater efficiency and quality than the predecessor. These days if you’re looking to grab a 3D printer, then here’s your chance to get Longer Orange 30 SLA 3D printer from TOMTOP at a discount price of €240.41 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.

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