Lostvape CENTAURUS DNA250C 200W MOD Review


With the tasteful looking plans, very much constructed quality, and the utilization of the most well-known evolve DNA 250C chipset which is a phenomenal chipset and a local area religion top choice, proceeding with the brand’s great assembling measure, we bring the new dream mod Lostvape CENTAURUS DNA250C.


The design is compact. Also, It comes with  We utilize a scope of great certifiable calfskins and join the exquisite plan, popular details and work with the most exact and conventional craftsmanship. Also, It comes with Tempered steel makes the Lostvape CENTAURUS DNA250C look more finished and glossy, improve strength. It likewise keeps an insightful and keen harmony between striking feel and ergonomic structure.



The CENTAURUS uses the Evolv’s DNA ‘250C, highlighting a yield range from 1 to 200W with an industry driving force productivity rating, incorporating with Boost Mode and Replay work. Also, It comes with Replay is expected to catch the flavor. Also, It has the fulfillment of the “amazing puff’ and gives a similar degree of execution/consistency on every resulting puff. When a fantastic puff is accomplishing and enact the mode to save and replay the chose puff.


Lostvape CENTAURUS DNA250C backings Boost usefulness. It can momentarily expand the mod’s power conveyance toward the beginning of terminating for you to quickly arrive at your ideal fume yield. The gadget allows you to attract up to 200 watts of force. It comes with double 18650 batteries of high amperage for cutting-edge wattage control vaping.


The DNA 250C board straightforwardly measures. Also, It restricts the temperature of the warming curl during activity. By keeping the curl from getting excessively hot paying little heed to liquid. The wicking, or wind stream. It has an assortment of unwanted circumstances that can be forestalled.



Lostvape CENTAURUS DNA250C all-encompassing yield range is generally viewed as the business benchmark in Temperature Controlled yield. Also, If you are looking to buy this then you are on the right point because it gives you every feature you need. You can easily buy this from Lostvape


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