LostVape Grus Mod Vs Thelema 80W Mod Comparison Review


LostVape Grus Mod Vape makes amazing contraptions, particularly suggested for transcendent assessment and not likewise known for tanks and rebuildable. the Grus mod is a specific 21700/20700/18650 battery mod that can begin up to 100W. In like manner, as VW and VV modes, it, furthermore, has TC modes for SS316, Ti, and Ni.

Thelema, an unblemished case mod outfitted with the selective Quest chip and constrained by an understood 3000mAh 23600 battery, is a totally adaptable sub-ohm device that extensions up to 80 watts, and absolutely feasible with Ultra Boost Series twists including an RBA circle that will make huge and scrumptious smoke. Lostvape Thelema 80W Pod Mod is here for you.


The LostVape Grus Mod Vape looks genuinely magnificent. The body of the mod is worked from zinc composite and feels solid. You can explore treated steel, gunmetal, or dull finish on the zinc blend body. On each side are tar sheets, yet you can likewise analyze carbon fiber or wood.

On the top is a huge tempered steel 510 plate, which will hold atomizers up to 30mm in width with no shade. In addition, The front of the mod has a roaming fire button and a covering screen which is 0.96″. Under the screen is the up, select, and down gets. Finally, a USB C charge port is at the lower part of the front board.

LostVape Grus

Lostvape Thelema 80W incorporates a supportive top filling plan, an amazing 0.96 inch TFT concealing screen, and a twofold channel wind current, satisfying diverse taste tendencies and unmistakable vaping experiences. Likewise, It accompanies an inalienable 3000mAh battery, the Thelema is a complete case system for vapers that can without a doubt satisfy your all-day-vape demand moving. More, It has a sturdy 3000mAh verifiable battery, take advantage of your vaping for the duration of the day with the Thelema with max 80W yield, causing it to show up at the restrictions of power and flavor.


The LostVape Grus Mod Vape has variable wattage, variable voltage, and temperature control modes for solidified steel, titanium, and nickel. It is compell with Lost Vape’s own Quest chip. Additionally, The menu structure on the Grus is essential.

LostVape Grus Mod Vape appears on one screen; Battery pointer in the upper left, resistance in the upper right, a puff counter in the base right, and a period in seconds of the last puff in the base left. Close by the staggeringly lower piece of the screen are covered-up squares to show the picked concealing subject and various choices.

LostVape Grus

Lostvape Thelema 80Whas Legitimate fast. Reversible. Mind-blowing. It requires just around an hour to fully charge (2A fast charging). Likewise, it is Simple to achieve the ideal breeze stream from two viewpoints. The Thelema grants the air to enter from the different sides of the top through the twofold channel stream plan, you can change the breeze stream ring on the UB circles deliberately.

LostVape Grus

Likewise, The unit is worked with a gigantic 4 ml E-liquid breaking point and a top garnish off-plan. Start benefiting as much as possible from your vaping adventure with the profitable plug&play Ultra Boost Series Coils. It has Ultra Boost RBA deck is for all the DIY vapers. Likewise, This straightforward RBA deck grants you to change your units and refine the taste. Find your optimal game plan now. The unit is working with a huge 4 ml E-liquid breaking point and a top garnish off-plan. Start capitalizing on your vaping adventure with the invaluable plug&play Ultra Boost Series Coils.

LostVape Grus


From the beginning, it improves quality and generally, flawlessness is the essential rate and feels exceptionally premium. LostVape Grus Mod Vape is really noteworthy and the most current vape. Lostvape Thelema 80W has Ultra Boost RBA deck that is made for all the DIY vapers. this straightforward RBA deck grants you to change your cases and refine the taste. You can undoubtedly purchase this from Lostvape Officials. All in all, what are you hanging tight for?


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