LS-S5S 6K Camera FPV RC Drone: Design, and Features Review


The LS-S5S 6K Camera FPV RC Drone is an impressive drone with many features that make it a worthwhile investment for enthusiasts and professionals. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this drone so unique.


The LS-S5S 6K Camera FPV RC Drone is a sleek and stylish drone that comes in black. The drone has a foldable design that makes it easy to carry around. When folded, the drone is compact, measuring 1284cm, and when unfolded, it measures 17134cm. The drone’s weight is only 132g, which makes it a lightweight drone that is easy to carry around.


The LS-S5S FPV RC Drone has features that make it stand out from the other drones in its category. The drone has a 4K dual camera, high-definition 4K front camera, and a 480P bottom lens with optical flow function. The drone has an EIS electronic anti-shake that makes the photos and videos taken by the drone clearer.

The drone has a trajectory flight function that allows you to draw the flight route on your smartphone’s screen, and the drone will fly according to your way. The drone has a gesture control function that allows you to control the drone with hand gestures. The drone also has a 3D flight function that enables the drone to perform 360-degree flips and rolls.

The drone has a headless mode that makes it easy to control the drone regardless of its orientation. The drone’s auto-hover function ensures a steady hover at a certain altitude. The drone has a one-key takeoff/landing function that makes it easy to take off and land the drone. The drone also has an obstacle avoidance function that makes the aircraft fly safely.


The LS-S5S FPV RC Drone is compatible with both Android 5.0 or above and iOS 9.0 or above. The drone has an image transmission distance of 30-50m, and the remote control distance is 100m.


The LS-S5S 6K Camera FPV RC Drone has an ultra-long endurance 3.7V 1600mAh Li-ion battery that lasts about 18 minutes. The drone’s charging time is 60 minutes.


The LS-S5S 6K Camera FPV RC Drone is a feature-packed drone worth investing in. The drone’s sleek and stylish design and compact size make it easy to carry around. The drone’s 4K dual camera, trajectory flight, gesture control, 3D flight, headless mode, auto-hover, one-key takeoff/landing, take photo/video, obstacle avoidance, optical flow, and EIS make it a versatile drone that can be used for various purposes.

TOMTOP offers the LS-S5S 6K Camera FPV RC Drone at just $56.99 (Inclusive of VAT Duty free shipping, making it an excellent value for money. If you’re in the market for a feature-packed drone that won’t break the bank, the LS-S5S 6K Camera FPV RC Drone is worth considering.

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