LTE Rambler RS EPP RC Airplane Review: Comes with 1000mm Wingspan (39 pcs limited)


LTE Rambler RS EPP RC Airplane is a fun RC plane with vertical takeoff and land, it can take off and land like a helicopter rather than using the runway. With a one-key switch, it can switch into flight mode perceptible all around. It can in like manner take off like a standard plane. With three brushless motors incorporates a mind-boggling execution of the 3D fun flight. The perfect choice for RC fans.


LTE Rambler RS EPP RC Airplane gets influence safe planning EPP building materials, worked in carbon fiber shaft support, and viable. Eachine Mini F4U Rc Airplane gets a coreless motor, high-efficiency edges, full power, high-precision, and high-force. With its little 1000mm estimated wingspan, you can moreover fly.

LTE Rambler RS EPP RC Airplane

It is minimal indoor regions like game passages. So the wet and blustery atmosphere won’t prevent you from receiving a charge in return. Dependent upon what conditions and how much stifle you use, you can get somewhere near 15 minutes flight time! With a controlled extent of about 200m. It empowers you to have the choice to climb high, pound the interfere with and coast down.

LTE Rambler RS EPP RC Airplane


LTE Rambler RS EPP RC Airplane fills in coreless motor that gives a strong main impetus. It being profitable for longer flight times of up to 15 minutes. You can contribute more vitality flying and less time charging. Delivered utilizing crash-safe EPP composite.

LTE Rambler RS EPP RC Airplane

It is astoundingly enthusiastic just if you have a little mishap with a confused tree! The rudder is adaptable inferring that you can adjust the course of the breeze stream over the wings consequently achieving the plane having the option to do. The improvements that you can change join a 360-degree turn, winding turn of events, and even circles.

LTE Rambler RS EPP RC Airplane

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The LTE Rambler RS EPP RC Airplane goes with everything required including a 2.4GHz mode 2 transmitters so you can fly different planes in a domain with no hindrance. buy this from Banggood at  €84,44

39 pcs limited for the first batch at the lowest price now.


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