Lu Weibing Denied The Redmi 855 Model Design, Redmi Pro 2 is expected to be released in May


Xiaomi Mi9 is popular in the domestic and international mobile phone market. The ultra-high cost performance is almost unstoppable. However, more consumers are looking forward to another flagship mobile phone under Xiaomi. Xiaomi has independently launched a new brand. After Redmi, Lu Weibing and Lei Jun discussed that there will be a Redmi Pro 2 Snapdragon 855 flagship phone this year, which is far below the consumer’s expectations.

Since the price of Xiaomi Mi9 is only 2,999 yuan ($446.27), then the price of Redmi will have a greater market advantage. Once Xiaomi is serious about the price, it is really no other business. Lei Jun also made many press conferences. Frankly speaking, Xiaomi does not rely on hardware to earn consumers’ money. Xiaomi mobile phone itself does not make money, more is Xiaomi’s Internet service, advertising to get big revenue.

This is indeed the case, the users of Xiaomi mobile phone can almost feel the positioning of the flagship mobile phone, the same performance, and configuration, Xiaomi is indeed a lot cheaper, MIUI is the core of Xiaomi’s existence, users can feel the system experience Overwhelming advertising, bloated third-party applications, users can close themselves, but it is really a headache, Xiaomi’s revenue is the source.

Recently, the Redmi Pro 2 news about the redmi Snapdragon 855 is also breaking news. Even the large-scale coffee of the forum broke the picture of the real machine. The whole phone adopts the design scheme of the pop-up front camera, and the front is almost full of the whole. The display area of the mobile phone and the screen ratio are very high. On the OV’s ID on the full-screen road this year, Lu Weibing also responded. If it is such a design, the designer is estimated to be able to leave the class.

It can be seen that the Redmi Pro 2 of the Snapdragon 855 has indeed entered the research and development stage. Whether it has confirmed the design of the product and the performance configuration has become a big question. It is understood that the new machine is likely to be a large number in May this year. The mass production is realized, and a press conference will be held at the end of the month. That is, it is possible to buy Redmi’s Snapdragon 855 model in June, which is the strategic layout of Xiaomi.

Redmi Pro 2 can be imagined that if the lower price Redmi flagship mobile phone is released, then the Xiaomi Mi9 that has just realized the spot is very embarrassing. Although the market pattern is winning by itself, it has created the market demand for Xiaomi Mi9, only in Xiaomi. The market of 9 first sold for a period of time, and after the saturation of market demand, the next lower-priced Redmi flagship mobile phone was launched, and the new opportunity was more competitive in the industry.

In fact, Redmi Pro 2 is indeed the same, such as the standard rear three cameras, the flagship processor of the Snapdragon 855, the fingerprint unlocking scheme under the screen, the fast charging protocol above 20W, etc. In fact, the industry standard will not be less, but there will be no major breakthroughs. I personally feel that friends who want to buy a phone in recent times seize the opportunity. Xiaomi Mi9 is really a good choice. There is no need to wait for the Redmi model. I believe that I can’t surpass Xiaomi Mi9, at most, it is about 300 yuan cheaper.

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Regarding the new Redmi Pro 2, do you expect it, talk about your requirements for the new phone!

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