M-Horse Power 2, the Smartphone That Boasts 3 Days of Battery Use for Just Only $109.99 & Get a Chance to Win Giveaway


It’s been a good time since more than one has lost the fear of Chinese smartphones and is that there are several manufacturers that with endurance and patients have managed to be a benchmark in the mobile device market and we do not necessarily refer to Chinese brands more known.

The success of mobile devices has led to the appearance of several Chinese brands with very interesting proposals and one of the new brands is none other than M-Horse, which has begun to distribute smartphones of entry and middle range to the West. M-Horse is a Chinese manufacturer that is starting to gain a foothold among the Spanish public offering affordable Android smartphones with very interesting features for its price.

On the occasion of the event of promotions and discounts of the Day of singles or “11.11” , the brand has prepared a special promotion for your M-Horse Power 2 with which you can get an Android smartphone with a large battery for only $109.99, $30 dollars discount with respect to its official price and they also prepared a giveaway for their Youtube Subscribers.

On this occasion we find that the chosen one is the M-Horse Power 2 that includes a huge 6000 mAh battery that, according to the manufacturer, will provide you with a battery of leftovers to complete up to 3 days of use, eliminating the need to power bank or battery external during long trips.

Here is Charging test video of M-horse power 2 we find in The video manufacturer start video recording at 91% battery volume and Them recording video at the full brightness. After 1 hour recording, the battery only consumed 15% volume. Of course, M-horse Power 2 will provide you with a battery of leftovers to complete up to 3 days of use, inside brings surprises, such as a huge 6,000 mAh battery with OVP protection system (OverVoltage Protection), which optimizes the load of the smartphone ensuring a safe load. This is to prevent the smartphone from being damaged or, in the worst case scenario, to explode.

The M-House power 2 smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch HD display and has a massive battery capacity of 6000mAh its give 3 days power to phone. It is supercharged with an MTK 6737 quad-core processor and is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat OS laid on top of it. It housed a 16GB internal memory coupled with 2GB of RAM of Samsung and had an 8MP+2MP Dual shining rear & 5MP front camera, fingerprint sensor placed on the front side, and metal middle frame combines with the 3D curve back. The sparkling line makes the Power 2 shining in different angels.

The M-Horse Power 2 is on sale for $109.99 and you can find it at this link. All these features have convinced you the buy M-horse Power 2, Of Course, f you liked it and you want it for free (Who does not?) You can participate by one. You have two options: the first is to subscribe to the YouTube channel of the brand and comment on some of its videos, the other is to participate directly from your Facebook Page in Spanish. so it may be the perfect opportunity to get it for free.


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