Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses Released


Magic Leap appears to be back on its feet, raising another $500 million from existing investors. Also, Magic Leap’s next generation of AR glasses is called Magic Leap 2.

The valuation of Magic Leap at $2 billion is modest compared to the amount of money raised. Magic Leap’s first AR glasses, aimed at consumers, failed, and now it’s changing direction with new, slimmer glasses aimed at businesses.

According to Magic Leap’s CEO, the Magic Leap 2 is a truly “all-weather” device. The new AR glasses seem to be much smaller than the first generation of products, adding new functions, AR experience will be better. For example, AR glasses introduce segmental dimming technology, which can make the real world darker so that AR content is clearer; Also, the new glasses will have twice the field of vision, better color fidelity, and better image and text quality.

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Magic Leap wants AR glasses to first be used in specialized fields, such as surgery, manufacturing and defense. The Magic Leap 2 is likely to be aimed at businesses and won’t be available until next year.


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