Makibes G03S Smart GPS IP68 Bracelet| A Premium Quality Band| Unboxing & Hands-On Review


In the meantime, I have tested some fitness trackers and only very few have convinced me. Which ones are you can always find in my current leaderboard of fitness trackers? There is none under $100 to find, which has also built a GPS module. Especially those who do a lot of sports outside and do not always want to lug the smartphone are looking for a fitness tracker with GPS. Since the selection is very small and even if you want to spend less than $70 It would be ideal if it is still good for something. So I went looking for the GPS fitness track under $70 in a Best Tracker and I found a suitable candidate. So Today we have a Makibes G03S Smart Fitness Tracker with GPS sensor and IP68 mean enjoy swimming with it! Let’s Take Full Review:

Specifications OF MAKIBES G03S GPS Sports Smartband:

  • Android from 4.3 and iOS from 8.0
  • 0.96 inches OLED Display with 128 x 64 Pixel
  • GPS
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Pedometer
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Alarm clock
  • Notification for Apps / Calls / SMS
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Waterproof and Dustproof to IP68
  • Bracelet Length from 120 – 240 mm
  • 42 x 24 x 13 mm
  • 34 Grams
  • 230 mAh

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First of All, we want to say thanks to because they give us a chance to test their own brand’s New Model (Yes Makibes is Geekbuying’s Own Brand” Makibes G03S if you want to buy Makibes G03S it available on Geekbuying With just a Price value of $49.99


The Makibes G03S is well padded in a black box with clear plastic cover. The Fitness Tracker, the charging cable and the user manuals (English) are included. The accessories are therefore no surprises, but that’s fine too.

Design & Appearance

With many Rectangular recesses in the 13mm Slim Body, the design initially looks very sporty. The workmanship also makes a good impression. With 34 g falls on the Wrist Weight is not too heavy but that the Heart Rate Monitor is not with the plastic case is sanctioned as well, quickly press the button. Because the GPS Antenna in the Band, these are not interchangeable. For this, sitting Fixed Bracelet Wrist and a small Brooch more assured. With the existing IP68 Certification, the Fitness Tracker is also dustproof and protected against etching!

On the right side of the Makibes G03S, we have two interaction buttons. The superior allows us to select the sports activity that we are going to perform with a recognition of the steps or monitoring of the heart rate in real time, among other values. The lower one, for the ignition of the bracelet and other options. When turning the Makibes G03S we see the connection for the power adapter by two load connectors. I also see the heart sensor that allows monitoring in real time, a very practical function for sports activities and those other smartwatches And before you ask us, yes, it has an IP68 standard certification, submersible up to 2 meters deep. So there will be no problem to use it in the pool or in the sea, in fact, it has a specific mode for water activities.

The truth is not a very intuitive system, but you will get used to it in a few days. The fact that the touch button only works as a pulsation (and not swipes) makes you have to choose the options from top to bottom. This means that if you skipped an option, you will have to turn around or simply go back and re-enter that menu. Talking with the people of Makibes G03S they indicated to us that they did it this way to lower costs, which is appreciated.

In the initial screen we have the time, the day, the date, the remaining battery and to the right a bar that will be filled taking into account our activity. When you touch the touch button from the home screen, you will see 3 quick menus: one to exercise; another to measure your heart rate at that moment and another with an information symbol that does not work. If from the initial screen you touch the lower right button you will enter the main menu, where you can configure different aspects of the clock: GPS, Date, Vibration, Illumination, data of your exercises.

The 0.96 Inch OLED Screen has a Resolution of 128 x 64 Pixels. Serves the tracker on the touch sensor and both buttons on the side. The Answer is here, reliably, and the various Menu Functions can be controlled. The brightness of the screen can be changed, but even at the highest level, the screen is not just bright. Even in the case of Covered Weather, there is little that can be detected. It works Wake up Gesture very well, so the wrist needs to rotate the screen to turn it on.


The range of functions is quite large, but this turns out to be a bit complicated in the menu navigation. Included are the standards. These include a pedometer, an odometer, a sleep tracker and a movement memory. Positive is in addition to the selection on the strength of the vibration. I would almost say that you can even rely on the alarm clock here. Deep sleepers should still be able to stay on their mobile with their six alarm clocks.

A special feature that rarely or never occurs is a continuous pulse measurement. Here the tape should fit snugly, otherwise, it can lead to wrong results. On its own, the measurement works quite well, but in standard mode, it only activates every 10 minutes. You only get a real-time measurement if you are in one of the four sports modes. These are jogging, swimming, climbing, and cycling.

There are specific readings for each mode. For example, the number of swimming strokes during swimming or the height when climbing are measured. When climbing then, for example, the GPS function will be used for many but relatively meaningless, since data cannot be exported via the app.


If we want to take advantage of the features of the smart bracelet it will be necessary to install an App called HPlus Watch (Android in versions 4.3 or higher / iOS 8 or higher). Through the Bluetooth link with our smartphone, we access all the options and record data obtained by the bracelet. The app shows remote notifications of instant messaging services such as WhatsApp or Facebook (with a preview of the message), received calls or SMS messages. We also access the complete graphs of the data obtained using the wristband, with a history to achieve an effective monitoring of our activity. Through the App, we access the route made using GPS positioning.

We return to the bracelet and show you the available sports activity modes. In the swimming mode, we have a record of the strokes, real-time monitor of the heart rate, calories, turns, and duration. For cyclists follow the path with GPS positioning, calculation of speed, distance, calories and heart monitor. In mountain mode, you also use GPS to follow a trajectory, altitude, ascent speed, steps, distance calories and heart monitor. Finally, those who practice running maintain the same characteristics of the previous modes, with GPS trajectory, speed, distance, cardiac monitor, etc. it also has the possibility of a control during the day with notice of excessive pulsations. As well as an analysis of the heart rate with percentages that indicate the level of intensity reached during sports activity.


The 230 mAh battery of Makibes G03S is so far the biggest, which I know. It should last up to 5 days, which I can not confirm. So my battery was empty after just 4 days. But only if you do not use GPS very often. Thus, a 30-minute walk has already emptied the battery by 1/4. so this is rather unsuitable for hikes. The Makibes G03S Sports Smartband is loaded with an extra charger, which is clipped from below. This works fine in the test and also keeps perfect. So the battery is fully charged after just under 3 hours (But in My Test it was charged in just 1.45 Hours On PC.

My Verdict & Availibility

The Makibes G03S Sports Bracelet provides athletes with a complete tool for their workouts. It is true that it lacks certain functions seen in a smartwatch, but this is not its purpose. The performance of this bracelet meets the requirements, with values and data that is rarely seen in a device with these characteristics. The design with standard IP68 protection, the real-time heart monitor and the integration of GPS for more reliable data stand out.It is such a volume of options and settings that makes its handling is not so intuitive, so it will play a couple of readings to the instruction manual. We have also noticed that sleep monitoring is based on a night time zone and takes into account the movement of the wrist. For this reason, we awarded the Makibes G03S sports bracelet with the IGeekPhone Silver Award. if you are interested for purchase it, at this moment Makibes G03S is available on Geekbuying just at $49.99.   Here is 10usd coupon code:   MAKG3S valid for all colors at $39.99 only.

7.9 Awesome
  • Design & Appearance 7.2
  • Funchions 8.3
  • App Control 7.5
  • Battery 8.7
  • Price 8.0
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 7.4

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