Makibes G07 Hands-On Review IP68 Water Resistant Smart Sport Watch with GPS Sponsored by @Geekbuying


The ruler of smartwatches Makibes has become richer for one more model – Makibes G07. With a protected gadget, you can comfortably practice both in the gym and in the fresh air: conquer the peaks and even dive into the water to a depth of 5 meters. Smart watches have been supported by seven different sports modes, a heart rate sensor that triggers every 10 minutes, and a GPS module for recording jogging tracks, fixing the distance traveled and speed indicators.

Today I want to tell you about the sports watch Makibes G07. It is a watch that combines all the functions of a fitness bracelet and has the design of a conventional watch. This G07 smartwatch has been provided by Geekbuying for review. Many thanks to our readers for making this site popular and to Geekbuying for their support.

Packing and Unboxing

packaging The parcel flew in a standard small package, inside of which was wrapped in the soft material was a box with a Watch. The top cover is made of transparent plastic, on which pictograms with the main characteristics of the watch are adorned. The box itself is made of solid black cardboard, on the back of which there is a brief information about the Smartwatch. Inside, in the box on the foam cushion are the hours.

  • The package includes:
    Makibes G07
    Magnetic module for charging;
    A micro-USB cable
    Two instructions (in English and Chinese).

Design and Appearance

The case of the watch is apparently made of plastic, the upper bezel is made of metal and it does not rotate. On the glass, you can see the inscriptions (Up, Down, OK / Stop, Light, Back / Lap). The inscription data is located above the buttons. The thickness of the case is 16 mm. Diameter, if you take a bezel – 5 cm. Weigh a clock of 78 g. On the back, there is a sensor for measuring the pulse.

On the right side there are three mechanical control buttons: OK / Stop, Light, Back / Lap (as I said earlier the corresponding inscriptions are shown on the top panel).

On the left, there are two more mechanical control buttons Up & Down.

The strap is silicone, very soft and comfortable. I have a variant with a black strap, also there is red and gray. It has many holes and is located close to each other so that you can easily adjust the size. The stock is such that it is enough for a child’s handle and for the hand of a healthy man. On the back surface, there is the inscription “Makibes”, on this place, there is a GPS module, a window, behind which there are LEDs of the heartbeat sensor, contact group for connecting the magnetic charger and four screws with which you can unscrew the back cover. Moreover, the strap is equipped with a quick-detachable attachment mechanism, thanks to which you can replace the strap in a matter of seconds.

The GPS antenna module is not in the strap, as in most smartwatches, but in the case itself. Yes, there is a GPS and since we went in this direction, Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the internal parts of the watch, but I want to say that under the cover there is a rubber sealing ring, a battery, a vibration motor, etc.

Functions and Features

The screen here is normal, not touch. The information on it is perfectly visible even in the brightest sun, because of display monochrome. In this case, you can also adjust the contrast. How to be at night? For this purpose, a backlight is provided, which is activated by pressing the central mechanical button on the right end. The same button is responsible for turning the watch on / off. The duration of the backlight can be adjusted.

The purpose of all buttons is duplicated by the inscriptions on the bezel. And also all info about Features and Functions is in the instruction. In short, the two buttons on the left serve to navigate through menus and settings, and the buttons on the right to select or confirm some action, to go back, etc. At first, the management seems not very convenient, you get confused with the buttons, but the habit does its job and eventually, you work with the Watch already on the hand.

You can enter the selection menu of sports activities and activate one of the modes: whether walking, swimming, running, climbing, cycling, etc. When this mode is activated, the parameters corresponding to this mode will be displayed on the screen: this can be the pulse, the number of steps, the calories spent, the altitude above sea level, the temperature, etc. You can also use the buttons on the left to display additional screens that indicate the history of changes to various parameters in the form of graphs.

There are a sleep tracking mode and a reminder of inactivity. Of course, the alarm is also provided, but there is no smart alarm – just a clock wakes you up with vibration or sound at a certain time. No one will wake you again. However, sleeping with such “boilers” on your hand is unlikely to be convenient. I personally shot them for the night. The pulse meter shows adequate figures. Of course, you do not need to hope for accurate results – for this purpose, there are specialized medical devices. But the approximate picture of the pulse meter gives.

The pedometer works well when you go or run. That is, the calculation of steps is relatively accurate during such physical activity. But when you do not move or even just lie down, steps can also be taken into account, and as a result, it is impossible to name exact steps within a day. This functional, like in fitness bracelets, is far from ideal.

The thermometer constantly overestimates the temperature and this is probably due to the fact that its temperature is affected by the temperature of the human body. If you remove the Watch, the thermometer gives more accurate figures, close to the real ones. The altimeter or altimeter constantly lies, giving out figures that do not correspond to reality.

Naturally, the presence of the GPS-module allows the watch to produce more accurate data, in comparison with devices that do not have this module. More accurately measured distance traveled, and if you synchronize the watch with your smartphone, you’re through the spec. The app can see your seat position. By the way, about the application. In the introduction, there are 4 QR-codes for applications: 2 for Android devices and 2 for iOS. For Android, Through the application, you can view activity reports in the form of graphs and diagrams, activate the alarm clock, set up the mode of notifications about inactivity, etc.

There is also the possibility to activate notifications of incoming calls. At the same time, the caller’s name is displayed on the Cyrillic clock screen, which is convenient. However, only the first 5 letters of the contact are displayed, but it is still clear who is calling. Of course, there are also notifications of incoming messages and you can independently install the services, the notifications from which you want to receive on the clock.

The protection of the housing IP68 allows you to use the watch in the shower and in the rain. I did not try to swim in them, but a couple of times I bathed them under the stream of water solely for checking – there are no problems.


As for Battery, then it is not bad here. Of course, if you continuously measure physical activity, keep the GPS module on, constantly measure the pulse, then in such an active mode the clock will not last long – I think, in the area of ??the day. In a calm mode, just like a clock, they will work for sure more than a week. I certainly did not measure autonomy, these are my assumptions, based on the 3-day experience of communicating with the device. Well, the manufacturer promises 8 days of work in a combined mode or 13 hours at high loads with the constant use of GPS.


MAKIBES G07 is a specific gadget that it makes sense to buy only those people who are engaged in sports and want to track their physical activity. It is under this and sharpened the data of a smart clock. The implementation is not ideal, some measurements are not accurate, but in general at least not worse than the popular fitness bracelets. It is impossible to demand perfect accuracy from such devices – it’s not some professionally certified device. By the way, you can ask a question – is not it easier to buy a regular fitness bracelet such as MiBand, etc.? No. Firstly, the Makibes G07 clock can be fully used without synchronization with the smartphone and at the same time get all the necessary data. Unlike bracelets, this is an independent device. Well, and secondly, the functional. He is much higher. You Can Buy From GEEKBUYING at $79.99 with use this Coupon Code: MKBSG07


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