Managing VPS With Mobile Device


Managing, and controlling a virtual server in the previous years has been difficult. But thanks to the VPS control panel, it is easy to manage everything. Although there are various VPS hosting options, we confirm that they are not all created equal.

Some key factors considered for an outstanding VPS hosting service is a no-downtime policy and fast speed used and additional features for quality of life. A great example can be found right here:

With a few clicks on your VPS control panel, the private server will be able to install new web scripts or operating systems, boot, and power on/off. The use of mobile VPS management gives unparalleled freedom when working on your projects.

Since managing VPS hosting does not require professional knowledge to control the server, we find it easy to control a VPS with a mobile device. Let’s see how you can start managing your VPS through mobile devices and what you’ll win by using this kind of setup.

How to Manage a VPS Through Mobile Devices

Mobile VPS management is available on both Android and other systems. For this example, we’ll be using Android, but keep in mind that an iOS device setup won’t be much different.


1) Download a Remote Desktop Program client for your Android device. We recommend choosing the most popular option like 2X RDP on the Google Play Store.

2) After installation, you will be prompted to add a new server to your device. Tap on the RDP connection and fill out the details of your VPS. The details needed ideally are accessible from the email you received after sign up, or in your hosting provider’s control panel.

  • Alias – indicates the connection name of your server.
  • Server – Requires an IP address or the hostname.
  • Port – Requires a port number or default setting for convenience.
  • Username – Requires account administrator name or another user of the VPS.
  • Password – enter the VPS password you’re using.

Another setting needed depends on the type of network you’ll use whether WiFi or others to avoid element use from other graphical interfaces.

3) Return to the app button and click save.

4) Back to the main screen, the server will be listed which only needs one tap to connect.

Why Use VPS?

VPS hosting normally comes with Linux based OS templates that require a few clicks to install. If you are planning on changing the OS system, we recommend a backup of all your data as it causes a total wipe of data. The top best OS templates in today’s VPS hosting includes the CentOS, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Scientific Linux, and Ubuntu.

The main purpose of a VPS hosting is partitioning of physical servers to multiple virtual servers. Since they can run their applications and operating systems, we consider it as an affordable and easy to use web-based solution for online projects. As many medium-sized businesses use it as their best hosting solution, managing it on mobile devices comes with lots of benefits. It includes;

High Level of Security

Compared to shared hosting, managing VPS with a mobile device offer a higher level of security because the virtual environment features an independent file system. It also allows you to customize the server to your preference. You will set your configuration options and also set it to your usage. You’ll decide how security works and what security systems are being put in place. This involves learning how to set up security for remote access through mobile devices.

Support System

Managing VPS with mobile devices gives you a support system that helps in managing VPS resources. You will have full control of the VPS from the initial setup to installation. Also, it assists you in moving data to a new environment for easy performance on projects. It also gives a choice of the VPS control panel of your preference.

Reduced Cost

While managing your VPS with mobile devices, you will reduce the cost of building an IT department with a small monthly fee subscription. Although the fee tends to be expensive for managed VPS hosting, indeed, the cost of buying a managed VPS plan is less when it came to expenses. You’ll be having plenty of power for the fraction of the cost of a physical server.

Easy Server Maintenance

By setting up a remote connection to your VPS through a mobile device, you’ll be able to perform maintenance, create backups, and run commands at any given time, as long as you have an internet connection. No more having your website impacted while you’re on vacation or out. Something happens – you can check it immediately.

Wrapping Up

Generally, managing a VPS with a mobile device is one of the great free ways to get more control over your business and website. We hope this article sets you on the right path towards improving your workflow. Good luck.


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