Maskking High Pro Max Vs High Pro Comparison Review


Recently, the vape manufacturer Maskking is one of the known and reliable vape product makers. The company has numerous models of vape devices that fits for different vaping experiences altogether. In comparison, the Maskking High Pro Max has a different body design from the High Pro. Although, both models of vape devices are equipped with decent vaping features and specifications.


The Maskking High Pro Max features a flashy edgy LED body design that matches your style and personality from every single puff. In order to ensure an adequate supply of power for the Maskking High Pro Max, this vape device is coupled with an 850mAh battery within its portable size of 21.9 x 109mm. Maskking High Pro Max comes with an ergonomically designed mouthpiece which is ideal for enhanced throat hits. This vape device from Maskking is equipped with a large 4.5ml e-liquid capacity that is able to comfortably deliver up to 1500 enjoyable puffs. So far, this is one of the vape devices on the market that features an independent PCTG e-juice cup inside the pod so as to prevent oil leakage.


Maskking High Pro Max Main Features And Specifications:

  • 1. E-liquid Capacity: 4.5ml
  • 2. Coil Resistance: 1.7- ohm.
  • 3. Battery Capacity: 850mAh ( in-built ).
  • 4. Charging Interface: USB Type- C.
  • 5. Size: 21.9 x 109mm.

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On the other hand, the Maskking High Pro is one the most cost-efficient vape device from the Maskking brand. It will interest you to know that the Maskking High Pro is gallantly equipped with PCTG e-juice cup which helps in preventing direct contact between the e-juice and metal. This vape device features a large e-liquid tank that can deliver up to 1000 smooth puffs.

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Maskking High Pro Main Features And Specifications:

  • 1. E-liquid Capacity: 3.5ml.
  • 2. Resistance Coil: 1.8- ohm vertical mesh coil.
  • 3. Battery Capacity: 650mAh ( rechargeable ).
  • 4. Dimensions: 18mm x 18mm x 104mm.
  • 5. Weight: 50 grams.

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