Master Lu Released Snapdragon 660, 665 VS Kirin 710 Running Score Contrast!


In the past few years, Master Lu has been said to be a more authoritative evaluation agency for digital products in China. The most familiar one is Antutu. These two organizations can be said to bring a lot to many consumers. The choice of digital products, especially mobile phones, has led a lot of suitable directions, where performance is the most intuitive comparison!

Many consumers will refer to the performance of the mobile phone when purchasing a mobile phone, and Master Lu focuses on the hardware performance scoring standard of the mobile phone. For the medium and high-end mobile phones with different positioning, including the hardware standard of the flagship and entry machine. There are a series of running tests, based on the comprehensive performance of the phone, including the high frame rate, 3D graphics rendering, and other functional sections to give a score.

And many consumers are accustomed to the running points of mobile phones as a key factor to distinguish the performance of mobile phones! Even if many friends replace the processor of the mobile phone with the same chip, even with the same processor hardware, each of the friends will have some differences in the optimization of the system software of the mobile phone. Run to a higher score! Master Lu really helped many people choose to buy a mobile phone.

Recently, Master Lu broke the news that the two mid-range processors of Snapdragon compared the hardware standards of the processor in the middle of Kirin, and the scores of the running points. The Redmi Note 7 equipped with the Snapdragon 660 scored 168,011 points. The Xiaomi Mi CC9e equipped with the Snapdragon 665 scored 178,992 points, while the Honor 20i equipped with the Kirin 710 scored 168,167, and the Snapdragon 6 series chip surpassed the 7 series of Kirin chips.

Some netizens said that it is quite embarrassing. The chip of Snapdragon 660 is already an old model a few years ago. For the Kirin 710 chip, it is less than two years, but it is not a lot of mid-range chips. In fact, personally, feel that the mid-range mobile phone positioning is actually very unnecessary compared to the hardware standard of the mobile phone. The mid-range mobile phone is mostly used as a backup machine, or a small game player, focusing on a better experience of the preferred flagship!

In fact, I personally feel that it is quite unexpected. The Kirin 710 processor is really a medium-sized processor in my impression. For many Huawei mobile phones, including the Maiman series, the Kirin 710 processor is used. The actual experience and feedback of the integrated user did not find any problems in the hardware, and the running score is the same positioning of the Snapdragon 6 chip, not to mention the contrast Snapdragon 710, no comparison, I really think that the Kirin 710 contrast is SnapDragon 710 chip, I don’t know how everyone thinks?

So what do you think? Regarding the Snapdragon 660, the Snapdragon 665 chip compared the running scores of the Kirin 710 chip. Is there anything unexpected to you? Talk about your choice of a mobile phone standard, will you pay more attention to the mobile phone’s Lu master running points or Antutu running Score?

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