Mastering The Ecology of Relationships


You cannot love another person completely if you don’t love yourself. Before even signing up on and creating a profile to try and encounter ideal potential partners, you need to conduct a thorough mental and emotional assessment to see if you are in a state to be with someone happily and treat them right. Just like ecology looks into how living organisms relate with each other and their environment, relationships also call for a heightened level of self-awareness where you can be with a uniquely different person from you and still find common ground and mutual respect.

Understanding sustainable relationships 

Love relationships are supposed to ignite positive emotions and bring out the best versions of ourselves. When busy scouting for a partner you are looking for someone with whom you can experience shared joy, mutual love, trust, and support during bad times. To fully grasp this concept, you need to understand how your thinking and communication can directly affect your partner and the relationship in general.

The basic principles of ecological relationships include:

Respect and Sensitivity

Every relationship thrives on respect. You have to respect yourself fully so that in return you can also respect your partner accordingly. You also have to be sensitive to how they feel and therefore think before saying any word or doing anything that might offend them.

Give what you expect to receive

The law of physics demands that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Before using rosy lines to seduce that pretty girl, ask yourself are you ready to give what you expect to receive in the relationship? It’s two-way traffic and everyone has to feel cherished.

You are responsible for your happiness

“One day you’ll find someone that makes you happy.” This lie only exists in movies and romance novels. The truth is that the person responsible for your happiness is only you. You have to fight your inner demons and find self-peace and joy and only then can you enjoy being with your partner. Stop blaming your gloomy days on your partner.

Respect for personal boundaries

Although two people become one in a love relationship, it’s important to remember that you are two unique people with different backgrounds, upbringing, education, character, temperament, ambitions, and so on. Personal boundaries are therefore very important because every person deserves psychological comfort. When your partner for instance requests some alone time, respect their wish.

Listen to your partner

A relationship is an equal partnership. This is the principle to master before joining and driving that sweet girl crazy. Ecological communication involves being willing to listen to what your partner has to say and valuing their input as opposed to making it all about you.

Emotional maturity and psychohygiene

To be a good partner, you need to practice a heightened level of emotional intelligence where you can manage your emotions and remain calm even in tense situations. Similarly, you need to adopt life methods that strengthen, maintain, and preserve the mental health of your partner.

Embrace change

As time goes by, you and your partner also evolve and grow older and more mature. Priorities also change and so you have to accept that your partner won’t always remain the person you fell in love with and be ready to embrace their future selves.

Everyone is a work in progress

After all is said and done, remember that you are not perfect, and neither is your partner. Everyone has some battles they are facing and all the two of you can be is soldiers in the same struggle, offering a shoulder to lean on whenever the need arises.

By mastering these important principles of sustainable relationships, you can work on yourself to be that amazing person that your partner deserves.


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