Maximize OTA Rates with Axisrooms Channel Manager


Over the past few years, the hotel business has witnessed several submerging software with multiple features and Axisroom is one of them. Axisroom channel manager is a hotel management software that offers complete technical solutions for the hotel industry. It also provides technical and marketing solutions to the leading companies of the hotel market industry.

Hotel managers want to keep their hotels up-to-date so they can take advantage of the latest technology, so the use of Axisroom channel manager is increasing. Not just that, the Axisroom hotel channel manager helps you to manage the hotel inventory distribution and manage hotel operations seamlessly. Rather than depending on several different systems for multitasking, you can use Axisroom to integrate better.

It is a myth that one can gain more online bookings from its hotel website. Because OTAs have a huge impact on online hotel booking and software like Axisroom helps you to maximize OTA rates. If you are still not sure why you should implement why you should use Axisroom channel manager, then we are going to discuss in this article about the advantages of using Axisroom channel manager.

Here’s are the reasons to use Axisroom

Increase booking

If you list your hotel on Axisroom channel manager, then it can help you to reach more people and increase your bookings. The rank of your hotel on Axisroom can also help you get more bookings because the higher your rank is, the easier it becomes for the guests to find out.

Increasing website traffic

Mostly, the travellers visit the hotel website after checking the hotel on an OTA platform like Axisroom. Once guests see your hotel on OTA, then they visit the hotel website to know more about your hotel and to see what other facilities they can get. Therefore, listing your hotel on Axisroom can help you gain more traffic on your website as well as improve your SEO  and increase the website ranking.

Influences travellers

When travellers choose a hotel from Axisroom, then they can check the reviews of other people who have stayed in the hotel. The positive reviews can profoundly impact your ranking on an OTA platform and the ranking of your hotel website. Thus, the reviews help you to improve your ranking on the OTA platform and therefore attracts more guests for the hotels.

Enhances visibility

Every OTA spends a large amount of od revenue for marketing and advertising platform, so most guests prefer to book hotels from an OTA rather than the official hotel website. Being an OTA platform, Axisroom receives a more considerable amount of travellers streaming on their for booking hotels. Hence, listing your hotel on Axisroom can help to increase the visibility of your website.

Grabs the attention of the right kind of guests

Whether your property is a B&B, apartment, a resort or a hotel, if you enlist your property on an OTA platform like Axisroom, then it will help to attract the right kind of visitors for your property. Hence, you will have the chance to serve your guests in the best way possible, and that will help you to increase guest satisfaction.

Advantages of channel management

Axisroom helps you to implement your distribution strategy quickly. Creating a partnership with Axisroom maximizes your OTA rates, which is necessary to survive in the market in recent times. Axisroom also comes with channel management software that helps to create as well as implement various distribution strategy and drives bookings continuously.

Manages your revenue

You can implement a beneficial revenue-generating strategy by using Axisroom. It allows creating flexible room pricing strategies for maximizing the income that you can earn per room at the moment.

Reduces time

The hotel channel manager will do a lot of work your behalf so you save time on the administrative sector so that you can focus your energy on the other areas. The hotel management software also provides you with valuable reviews on your hotel, so get the chance to resolve the issues to increases guest satisfaction.

More efficiency

Being a hotel management software, Axisroom provides you with real-time data and help you to keep track of your payments. It also avoids wrong data inputs, duplicate entries etc. so you work more efficient.

Market segmentation

Through Axisroom, a hotel manager can see that generally what kinds of guests visit their website through OTA, which can help them to track their target audience.

Ease up the process

Hotel software like Axisroom can help you to send, retrieve, calculate as well as sync data in one database, so the processing becomes fast. Using a quick processing system, you can generate more money, increase customer satisfaction, and it is also convenient for hotel users.

Like every other industry, the hotel industry is also using software to increase their productivity. The above-mentioned points will help you to know the advantages of  Axisroom channel manager for increasing the OTA rates.


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