Maxray Tank Bar Mir Disposable Pods – Compact and Unique in Design


If you follow the disposable vape, you’ll notice a gradually emerging brand. We are talking about Maxray Tech, a brand founded in China. It has slowly established its name in the vaping industry and is becoming increasingly better at disposable vape. The core of their strength lies in R&D and high manufacturing capacity. And the announced focus on innovation certainly sounds promising. Even though Maxray vape is relatively new, its R&D team has over ten years of experience in the vaporization industry. And they are planning to commit 16% of the total revenue to the needs of the R&D department. Their manufacturing means are also significant and up to the highest certification standards like GMP, ISO9001, or ISO4001.

The Maxray Tank Bar disposable kit is Maxray Tech’s newest, pocketable disposable pod for vaping on the go. Tank Bar Mir is compact and unique in design as well as in taste. The non- simplistic airflow and handcrafted mouthpiece are crafted for the mouth-breathing vaping style. Simple yet subtle details make the Tank  Bar Mir feel new with every puff.

Maxray Tank Bar Mir is a classic product crafted in detail without compromise in performance, design, and taste. The unique, sleek translucent design is not only pleasing to the eye but also offers portability and grip with craftsmanship. Tank Bar Mir sets it apart from other pots, especially in terms of taste. The innovative airflow is tailored for the perfect flavor. All liquids are of optimum complexity and consistency, providing a smooth yet appropriate hit and taste.

Powered by a 600mAh built-in battery, the Maxray Tank Bar Mir contains 3.5ml of liquid containing 2%/5% nicotine salt and can be vaped about 1,000 times, providing a satisfying blow and deep flavor. The constant printing system ensures a fresh and consistent taste from the first sip to the last. The innovative airflow and hand-polished mouthpiece are tailor-made for MTL vaping style. Simple-yet-deliberate details make Tank Bar Mir refresh in every puff. With plenty of decadent flavors to choose from, all flavors have optimal complexity and concentration, which brings a purer & more smooth experience. It’s a good start for the brand in the market.

So if you are looking for a disposable vape kit that can perfect flavors and fashion appearance, then this Maxray Tank Bar disposable kit will definitely satisfy your needs.


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