MediaTek Helio P80 Processor Grabs OPPO R19: 12nm AI Better Than Kirin 980


MediaTek is working currently high-end mobile phone chip Helio P80 series is about to come out. According to the industry, MediaTek P80 has evolved significantly compared to the P60 due to the evolution of the chip architecture. The artificial intelligence (AI) performance outperformed the Huawei Kirin 980 chip, and even the Qualcomm’s 5G flagship mobile phone chip, which will be launched at the end of this year, has the opportunity to Swallow the OPPO R19 big order next year.

Since MediaTek has withdrawn from the flagship mobile phone chip market X series, it has focused its research and development resources on the P series. This year it has launched P60, P22, and P70. However, after successfully eating OPPO R15 in the first half of the year, it will lose the R17 order in the second half of the year. MediaTek had to significantly enhance its chip performance to take advantage of OPPO’s new orders in the first half of next year.

The supply chain is out, MediaTek’s latest chip to attack the mobile phone market in the first half of next year with P80, the latest chip also uses ARM architecture 8-core processor, although the TSMC 12-nm process will continue to be used, but the chip architecture continues to improve, so the overall The performance is double-digit growth compared to the previous generation P60.

It is worth noting that MediaTek has performed quite well on the P80’s artificial intelligence performance, even surpassing the flagship chip level. The supply chain pointed out that MediaTek P80’s performance in the AI ?? processor has increased significantly, and it is expected to be significantly better than Huawei’s current flagship mobile phone chip Kirin 980, and even Qualcomm will launch the 5G flagship mobile phone chip in December this year, which means P80. The flagship handset level will be available for AI performance.

In fact, AI has gradually become more important in the role of smartphones. Whether it is a camera, intelligent speech recognition, biometrics and performance resource allocation, AI has been added to make functions more powerful. Therefore, AI performance has become an important indicator for consumers to choose mobile phones.

The legal person believes that MediaTek is actively attacking mainland Chinese brands in the mid-end mobile phone chip market. The target is nothing more than Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Among them, MediaTek lost its OPPO R17 orders in the second half of this year. As expected growth, with the P80 coming out in the first quarter of next year, the artificial intelligence is more powerful, and MediaTek has the opportunity to recapture the R19 order.

Qualcomm has already made a difference in the mid-range processor. This year, it not only launched the 10nm process Snapdragon 670/710 processor but also quickly launched an upgraded version. The Snapdragon 675 processor is not a small pressure on MediaTek.

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Since MediaTek continued to use TSMC’s 12-nm process, the cost of the chip architecture was strengthened again. Therefore, the legal person believes that MediaTek will have a chance to grow again in the first half of next year, and it is even expected to challenge the 40% level, which will lead to more profitable performance.

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