Meilan M3 Mini GPS Bike Computer Waterproof Speedometer Odometer Review (Coupon Deal CN Stock)


Meilan M3 Mini GPS Bike Computer Waterproof Speedometer Odometer utilizes high affectability GPS chip is received with situating precision of 5m, It supporting three frameworks: Beidou, GPS and GLONASS quick worldwide situating. M3 NO NEED TO SET TIME, you just need to set the time region before use. After GPS situating, the time will consequently address as indicated by the neighborhood time. The nearby time region can be questioned from the Internet.

Meilan M3 Mini GPS


Meilan M3 Mini GPS Comes with 1.6-inch against glare MONO LCD. Also, It can be unmistakably seen at all edges in sun, full-screen white backdrop illumination, late evening riding can plainly observe the information regardless of under the sun or late evening riding, never stress the dimness. ( Press the main two fastens simultaneously to turn on the backdrop illumination, the backdrop illumination level is 1). The hardware bolsters 9 sorts of generally utilized cycling information show: riding time, current/normal/most extreme speed, speed correlation, current time, height, ODO, riding separation, and absolute time.

Meilan M3 Mini GPS


It comes with an 800mah battery. USB battery-powered can be charging utilizing any accusing gadget of USB DC 5V port. 8 hours utilizing time after full accused of backdrop illumination, GPS looking through sign may cause high power utilization, it is ordinary. Also, It brings a since quite a while ago run time, backdrop illumination on for 8 – 10 hours, no backdrop illumination for 14 hours.

Meilan M3 Mini GPS


Meilan M3 Mini GPS  has Automatic stockpiling can store 30 riding records. Long press the correct key to enter the history information see. Also, It leaves the history interface, and the equivalent long-press the correct key. M3 GPS bike PC doesn’t bolster track stockpiling and information transfer capacities.  Also, It comes with 1.6 inches mono LCD with backdrop illumination, great showcase impact in daylight/haziness from all edges. The Built-in high-accuracy GPS chip. Spare the difficulty of customary bicycle PC complex establishment, appreciate a moderate life. The Data show, bolster speed, elevation, separation, riding time, ODO, and history audit.

Meilan M3 Mini GPS

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M3 GPS bicycle PC just needs to set the time region. At the point when the GPS signal is steady, the time and date will be naturally synchronized. Meilan M3 Mini GPS. Also, The IPX6 waterproof, don’t apprehensive the downpour days any longer. you can easily buy this from Geekbuying at $21.99. to get the price use the  coupon code: GKB474S

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