Meizu 16 Series Will Receive Flyme 9 Internal Beta at the end of April


Yesterday, Meizu unveiled the Flyme 9 Android skin, and today this system has officially arrived with the Meizu 18 series. Meizu claims that the system, as a medium for users to interact with mobile phones, is the soul of user experience. At the same time on 2nd March, the Marketing President of Meizu Wan Zhiqiang first summarized the Flyme 9 and announced that the Meizu 16 series will be open for internal testing at the end of April, including Meizu 16th, Meizu 16th Plus, Meizu 16X, Meizu 16s, Meizu 16s Pro and Meizu 16T.

Meizu has always attached great importance to user experience. The system, as a medium for users to interact with mobile phones, is the soul of user experience. This time, Flyme 9 has brought a new major upgrade in terms of design, functionality, privacy, and efficiency.

In terms of design, Flyme 9’s overall interface, icons, and animation effects have undergone significant changes. The overall idea is light and smart, smooth and concise. The new small window mode 3.0 actively supports all applications, the new floating mode, and full gestures, the experience is one go.

Privacy is also the top priority of Flyme 9. It pioneered the four “magic weapons” of guardian scepter, all-seeing eagle eye, invisible boots, and privacy cloak. It strictly guards the privacy of users and mobile phones to ensure that users do not Be infringed by notifications, advertising pushes, malicious applications, etc., resulting in leakage of private data or information

In terms of functions, Flyme 9 also integrates OneMind 5.0 (smart switch 5G), battery health, game optimization, access card cloud synchronization, continuous conversation/voice reading/smart home control/song recognition/notification broadcast and other functions of Aicy assistant Wait.

In addition to the Meizu 16 series, the Flyme 9 of the Meizu 17 series is also coming first, and the closed beta recruitment has been officially opened. As of March 7th, interested Mei friends will update the APP through the system-bulletin board-Flyme 9 closed beta Click on the registration entrance to participate.

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