Meizu 16s: New Leaks, Rumors and Everything We Know


Meizu 16s is a full-screen flagship Smartphone that a large part of consumers is looking forward to. We believe that when this novelty is not showing up, everyone knows that this phone will not feature the Notched and punch-hole design, it has confirmed because Meizu 16s has received the most thorough exposure recently. It can be said that there is no exposure to the real terminal, and the value of the face and the screen are very high.

The Meizu 16s adopts a transition of extremely radian R angle. The complicated screen packaging process makes the forehead chin of the phone very narrow. Compared with Meizu 16 of 2018, the new flagship upgrade is very obvious, many netizens have long been the live phone did not expose a lot of 16s pictures before the exposure, but made a slight rectification in the Meizu 16 excellent craft design, but it is not so simple, Meizu 16s process design changes are still very large.

The front of the phone has a front camera on the top that is extremely narrow, next to the stereo microphone speaker, and a number of sensors. The chin of the device is also further shortened, and the screen ratio is definitely comparable to the most popular Xiaomi Mi 9 and Vivo IQOO! The symmetrical full-screen design is really easier to please, don’t you know what you like?

Secondly, the back of the phone was originally a rear centered dual camera and ring flash, but Meizu 16s moved the phone’s dual camera to the side, without abandoning the classic ring flash, many people will open the flash when the phone case is exposed. I thought it was the 3rd camera, but it wasn’t like this.

Finally, the details of the phone changes, Meizu 16s castrated 3.5mm headphone jack, Type-C port, comes with an adapter, Meizu this time with the trend to remove the headphone hole, probably many people will be disappointed! The battery capacity also has improved compared with the previous model, but the thickness of the body has also become a little thicker. The most regrettable is that there is no infrared remote control and wireless charging! Others are not critical.

The Meizu community has already exploded. The Meizu 16s conference will be held on April 12th. The price of this upcoming flagship phone is also almost unveiled. The CEO of the Meizu Huang Zhang has said that the price of Meizu 16s will be higher than Meizu 16 by about 500 yuan ( $74.50) that is 3198 yuan (about $476 ) for sale, the phone comes with standard 24W dash charger, the process design is impeccable, compared to the price, Meizu 16s is indeed given to the second by the Mi 9, are you willing to pay?

Meizu 16s craft design does not know if you are still likable? The process design and price have been settled, just waiting for the conference, so Meizu 16s, are you willing to buy?

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