Meizu 16s Pro Releasing in August: Comes With Flyme 8


Recently, The good news is that Meizu will push the new Phone in August! Meizu 16s did not have the Plus version last year, and this time a lot of third-party phone sellers have been shown, Meizu 16s Pro will be released soon, will have a larger phone display, better design, and make up for many The shortcomings, excellence to perfect the previous generation Meizu 16s phone.

Meizu 16s Pro will use a larger phone screen and battery, and support the wireless charging of the consumer charm friend, the charging efficiency is 18W, it is worth looking forward to, the phone will also fully inherit the Meizu 16s global NFC, global linear motor, dual-frequency GPS, etc., the most worthy of expectation is that Meizu 16s Pro has realized the rear three cameras, officially in the design standards and hardware.

Meizu 16s upgrade version was released in August, this time there is no shortboard! Flyme 8 is very popular
Therefore, Meizu 16s Pro is a flagship phone that has no shortboard at all and has achieved high standards in the industry. Personally, it is more attractive to the design style of the phone! There is a symmetry standard of its own design principles. If you can have more color matching options, it will probably be more attractive to the product! If you can maintain a conscience positioning on the price, it is still very much expected that Meizu 16s Pro can turn over in the phone market.

Finally, the soul of Meizu phone is located. Meizu’s Flyme is the first system UI that started in China. Many charm friends are inseparable from Meizu system. Flyme 7 has not been updated for a long time. Meizu officially said that it will be in the new system will be released in August, and the Flyme 8 system will be unveiled. The diverse system design, including UI style, smart freeze, One Mind 3.0, etc., will enhance the user experience.

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