Meizu 16s Released Flyme 7.3 Stable Version To Make Your Phone More Enjoyable


Recently,  Meizu 16s officially received the update of Flyme 7.3 stable version. This Meizu 16s Flyme 7.3 stable version update has many highlights, from the game experience to the life service, all provide users with more convenience. So, what upgrades did the Flyme 7.3 stable version bring? Guoguo took everyone to find out.

First of all, the Flyme 7.3 stable version brings the reborn One Mind 3.0 to Meizu 16s. The new logic method brings a new experience, including Process Harvester 3.0, Smart Freeze 3.0, Cut-off Wake 2.0, Managed Resources, Memory Scavenger, Memory Compression, etc., all-around control of background applications, system resources Deploy to make your run faster.

In addition, the Flyme 7.3 stable version brings a new 4D gaming experience. Different game scenes can emit different sound effects, bring different vibration feedback, and give users an immersive battlefield experience. It should be noted that at present, this feature only supports games such as “Peace Elite” and “Wild Action”.

It is worth mentioning that the Flyme 7.3 stable version has added the HCE function to support the NFC ride card and improve the compatibility of Meizu Pay.

At the same time, it also added a colorful screen display style and DC dimming, in which DC dimming can avoid the screen flash problem and reduce the damage to the eyes. You can turn this feature on via Settings – Accessibility – Developer Options – DC Dimming.

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In terms of taking pictures, Meizu Flyme 7.3 stable version has added the front HDR function, which optimizes the stability of the camera, the focusing experience of the main and sub-camera, the HDR effect of the main low light and the color performance of the front camera. You take a more beautiful photo and turn into a photography god in minutes.

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