Meizu 16X Review: A Mid-Range Smartphone With Screen Fingerprint Reader


After the release of the highly acclaimed Meizu 16, the Meizu was not idle and released the Meizu 16X, which is a mid-range device with many pretensions in the high range. Meizu has put a lot of effort into this terminal so that in addition to having the latest trends in terms of design with its reduced frames, it also has a fingerprint reader on screen.

As I told before, the Meizu 16X is a mid-range phone, and so its specifications show. However, he has opted to take inspiration from the strategy that Xiaomi is taking with his Mi 8 and take different versions with differentiating details, this 16X is the best example. We have more than enough hardware for the vast majority of us.

Fortunately, Meizu has not opted for the notch and we have exactly the same body (in metal) as her older brothers, the standard 16. The front is occupied by a 6-inch AMOLED screen , with a front ratio of more than 90 percent.

The flagship model used this design, it is quite refined. The only difference is that the Meizu 16X uses a metal back cover, although it is for cost-effective, but the value is also in place.

In addition to the appearance, is there the same as Meizu 16?

It stands to reason that a full range of product lines will make people feel a little lazy. However, the Meizu 16 is lowered from the inside out to the body of Meizu 16X, and it is quite enjoyable to learn.

In addition to Samsung’s custom-made screens, there is also a delicate touch – 151 × 73.5 × 7.5mm size, 154g weight, plus the curvature of the back and also the hand feels great.

After the experience, the fingerprint on the screen can be guaranteed to be unlocked around 0.4s, but in all fairness, there are occasions when it is not recognized for 3 consecutive times and the password needs to be changed.

Meizu 16X first evaluation: screen fingerprints, flawless luxury flagship?

Relatively speaking, face unlocking is more convenient, it can be used to unlock the phone, and a more secure fingerprint unlocking is used for mobile payment. The combination of the two is very good.

There are a 24W Super mCharge fast charge, Android 8.1 based Flyme 7.1 operating system, 6GB of RAM, and all of them.

After a few days of experience, We wants to praise the function of this WeChat window. After WeChat comes to the news, it will open a small window in the current interface, like a window in the computer system. It is convenient to open and close.

Different Snapdragon 710, how about feeling?

Really, Meizu 16X is not so flagship, that is the flagship processor Snapdragon 710. How is it performing? Nearly 170,000 Antutu points can be seen to increase by about 50,000 points from the previous Snapdragon 660 processor, So the performance is improved.

In the actual experience, we played “Jesus Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield”, because the game problem can not open very high quality.

However, in high image quality, it can keep almost 30 frames, and it runs smoothly. To be honest, if you are not need a high level of processor and speed, this performance is enough.

IMX350 + IMX380 In This Price

In this year, Meizu stockpile is surprisingly flawless, and the flagship model IMX350 + IMX380 is rare. Put this stuff on the flagship model, and it is currently the only one. How is the performance of the IMX350 + IMX 380? We took some samples to show you.

Looking at a few photos, the Meizu 16X’s imaging effect is still satisfactory, and the dynamic range is as faint as the details in the store.

Meizu 16X’s color is cold, there is a kind of cool style, but the total resolution, purity is good, the blur effect is also simulated enough, the daytime scene is satisfactory.

In the evening, the huge advantage of the 16X outsole was played out. Compared with other Smartphones, the visibility of the dark part is quite good, and it is also very obvious for high-light suppression, and the effect of over-exposure is less.

Look at this dark road, it is so illuminated by the lens, there is a feeling of bright light.

Not only that, but the purity of the 16X night scene is also good, the noise in the sky is not much, and the look is good. In the night scene, this mid-range model is completely worth the price of $400 to $500 flagship, the first echelon is properly.

Meizu, Turned Over

In the first two months, Meizu 16 finally let Meizu play a turnaround, and this time Meizu 16X, the Huangzhang-style Meizu answer, is also worth giving high scores.

For Meizu, a small Zhuhai factory, we still has a lot of affection for him. We hopes Meizu 16X sale will be graet, so that Meizu has the capital to launch more excellent Smartphones.

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Update on 11.2, 2018

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