MEIZU 16Xs Hands-On Review: Meizu First Three Camera Phone


Meizu held a new product launch conference in Beijing, released the Meizu 16Xs mobile phone, and loved the machine as the top 500 and got the machine for the first time. Let’s take a quick look at it. How is this phone?  The front is a familiar Meizu family-style design, full-symmetric full-screen, not only left and right symmetrical, the center is also symmetrical, the official name is “extreme full-screen”, the screen material is Samsung’s exclusive custom Super AMOLED, custom cost 3000W, the conference also It took a long time to introduce the screen, 6.2 inches, resolution 2282 x 1080. This screen is certified by German VDE Blu-ray eye protection, which can reduce the harmful blue light by 33% and minimize the visual fatigue.

The screen driver is EA8706. The hardware parameters of this screen are like Meizu 16s, it should be the same screen. In essence, it is still a 1080P screen, so there is no stronger place than the domestic flagship on the market, but the price of 16Xs can be said to be quite good. The perception is very close to 16S.

Fingerprint recognition is the same Super mTouch screen fingerprint on the 16s. The screen fingerprint provided by Guiding is the same as the 16S unlocking experience.

The back cover is also the design of the left upper vertical camera on the 16S. The highlight is that the camera changes from two to three, which are super wide angle, wide angle, black and white. Why not use the word “upgrade” because 16Xs contrasts the 16S camera module. It is retrogressive. The main camera adopts Samsung S5KGM1 MOD version, super wide angle uses S5K4H7, the black and white camera uses S5K5E9, lacks a telephoto lens, and uses the black and white camera. The official said that in order to improve the night shot quality, you know everything. The design of the ring fill light was removed, using a monochromatic warm fill light.

A few simple shots, we look at this performance in line with my own expectations.

Super wide angle

The back cover material does not choose high-cost glass and metal but uses very mature plastic. The appearance looks very much like the texture of glass, but it feels like the cold touch of glass, but the color is quite rich. It is to make up for the shortcomings. Meizu 16Xs has a total of 4 colors, namely: Knight Black, Atlantis, Coral Orange, Ice Silk White, I think the blue Atlantis is quite good, but unfortunately, our hand is Knight Black. The feel is also very familiar with the 16S, and the texture of the back cover can be said to be almost the same.

The 3.5mm headphone hole that is kept at the bottom is well received. The mobile phone that cuts off the earphone hole is taller than those who have a thousand pieces of mobile phones.

The biggest highlight of the appearance should be the full-screen design of the front side of the pole. This price is true.

SoC adopts Snapdragon 675, 2 large cores are based on A76 architecture, 6 small cores are based on A55 architecture, GPU frequency is still conventional 845MHz, is a typical CPU strong, GPU weak partial students, the actual experience is not It must be better than the Snapdragon 710.

The system is equipped with Flyme 7.3, the biggest highlight should be OneMind 3.0, which of the complex principles of the author does not (bu) say (dong), simply talk about what is the use of him, in simple terms, the management of the background is more demanding, intelligent management of the background software to achieve improved fluency. At the press conference, the official use of Meizu 16Xs equipped with Flyme 7.3 demonstrated that the installation of 669 APP systems is still smooth, and Hyper Gaming for game optimization, ah, Meizu is one of the few manufacturers to achieve such extreme optimization on the system, even in The conference also demonstrated how the new system can block system advertising, interest!

Battery 4000mAh, the body measurements are 152mm * 74.4mm * 8.3mm, weight 165g, it can be said that most mobile phones on the market have this battery without this weight, and this weight does not have this battery, Meizu can say that this is very Great, 165g body plugged 4000mAh big battery, plus OneMind 3.0 optimization believes that battery life should not disappoint us.

Charging using the Meizu ancestral charge 18W, as the name suggests, the highest power is 18W, the hair is the PE fast charge agreement, the compatibility is generally the same, it is the normal performance of this price.

The vibration motor does not know whether it is a linear motor, but it is definitely not the X-axis motor on the 16S. The measured vibration is loose. The corresponding time is long and the amplitude is small. The back also cancels the pressing function. Instead, tap the return and press the HOME button. It can be said that the lack of mBACK’s pressing function Meizu’s comprehensive screen gesture experience has suddenly dropped several grades.

Memory flash memory is currently the mainstream configuration, there are two storage versions, 6+64GB ¥1,698 and 6+128GB ¥1,998. Using LPDDR4X memory, UFS2.1 flash memory, it should be noted that UFS2.1 is single channel, there is still a gap compared to the flagship dual channel, but also eMMC is good, right.

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Time is limited, I will be here when I get started. If you want to know anything about the Meizu 16Xs, you can leave a message. We will answer them in the detailed evaluation.

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