Meizu 17 Series Received Flyme 9.2 Stable Version System Update


Meizu 17 series has now received the latest Flyme 9.2 version update, and very intimate reminders that since version 9.2 to maintain consistent operating policies with the industry, including but not limited to pre-installation, push, advertising, and other services.

Meizu previously stated that the Meizu 17 series, 18 series, 18s series, and 18X models will officially launch the Flyme 9.2 system with elder family design in November. Now it seems that the Meizu 17 series will be launched a few days in advance.

Function adjustment

  • ・System appearance

Brand-new system fonts, more elegant fonts, more accurate symbols, support step-less adjustment of font thickness, to meet the needs of different groups, more delicate and smart screen bright effect, so that every time you light up the screen, it becomes a way to enjoy the dark mode. New appearance preference Settings, optional soft mode, bring a more comfortable dark look Desktop settings support to adjust the size of the icon name but also can hide the icon name, experience a neat and harmonious desktop layout

  • ·Performance

Support running memory expansion and further improve background multitasking capabilities.
Path: Settings-My Phone-Running Memory

  • ・Small window mode 3.5

Welt small window application supports screen playback, allowing the uninterrupted listening experience
to automatically fade the welt handle, and recognize the scene’s immersive discoloration.
Newly used and direct functions are added, which can quickly go directly to application function pages such as health codes and itinerary cards.

  • ・Worry-free cleaning

When the repeat mode of the alarm clock is set to only once, it supports the automatic deletion of the
smart identification SMS verification code and the pickup code after the ringing, and it is automatically deleted after the read expires, which is worry-free and clean

  • ·Phone Guardian

Harassment interception add custom number beginning to intercept
harassment interception add new interception
path by number area : mobile phone manager-settings-harassment interception-phone interception

  • ・Elderly family design

Globally effective large fonts, allowing elders to effortlessly
increase the clickable control area when reading text, reduce accuracy, require
following accessibility guidelines to optimize colors, and provide high-contrast modes to help identify information

  • ・Replacement Assistant

Support importing contacts and photo data in Apple iCloud, making iPhone users’ replacement experience more seamless and convenient

  • ・Flyme

Added support for Meizu Blue earphones and Meizu POP 3 earphones, which can be connected immediately after opening the cover, so you can listen without worry

  • Release Notes

・In order to provide better services and content, Flyme 9.2 and subsequent version updates will maintain a consistent operating strategy with the industry (including but not limited to app pre-installation, advertising, push, etc.) on the premise that user experience is prioritized. The performance is subject to the actual experience after the update. You agree to update the system version as accepting the adjustment
of the subsequent operation strategy. Pushing the update through the mobile phone is a safe and efficient upgrade method, which usually does not affect any existing data. In order to prevent accidents, please make a data backup before the update

  • . The update takes about 10 minutes. Do not press the phone buttons

during the update. Please wait patiently to avoid the update failure. During the update, it is normal for the temperature of the whole machine to increase slightly, so there is no need to worry.
・After updating to the new system version, it is not supported to downgrade to the old system version. If relevant needs are required, please contact the after-sales service outlets.
・The actual effect of some changes may vary depending on the random type, system version, or network operator. Please forgive me
. , Meizu service is the official feedback channel designated by Flyme. If you have any questions or suggestions during use, please contact us in time

It is reported that Flyme 9.2 brings a small window mode 3.5, the welt handle automatically fades, immerses, and changes color, reduces visual interference, and optimizes the experience of floating small windows. It supports “Play on the screen”, you can continue to listen to the sound on the screen; “Recently used”, quickly find the application, making the operation easier; “Direct function”, just a swipe, you can be one step faster.

Meizu Flyme 9.2 adopts a new system font, with more elegant fonts, more accurate symbols, and step-less adjustment of thickness; the bright screen dynamic effects are redesigned, and the new effects are more delicate and flexible. The bright place lights up slowly, and finally fills the entire screen; you can also create an Alive wallpaper easily with a one-click triple connection.

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In addition, Flyme 9.2 brings a worry-free cleaning function. “Delete after ringing”, the alarm will be automatically deleted after ringing, and the temporary alarm will be automatically cleaned up. “Automatically delete expired information”, intelligently distinguish between verification code and pickup code, and automatically delete expired information. Worry-free cleaning also provides cleaning methods such as automatic deletion of screenshots, installation packages, and residual files.

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