Meizu 17 Series Starts To Released Flyme Updates


Meizu 17 series models received Flyme update released today. According to the official announcement of Meizu Flyme, the Meizu 17 series will officially push this version update on August 18, and this push may be a grayscale update.

System function adjustments in this update:

Multi-task animation adjustment, support for sliding up at the bottom to exit the card page, when the interface does not display the fingerprint icon after the screen, press the fingerprint area to complete the unlock, customize the status bar icon display, close the secondary card.

The default signal icon is not displayed, and the system vibration Support third-party applications such as WeChat and Alipay, global search, slide up to call out, slide down to close, and support to turn off gestures to wake up quickly, automatically delay the lock screen time when a face is detected before the screen is locked while maintaining the bright screen effect and adjusting the default lock screen notification items Is “Show all notifications”.


When the screen is in a semi-dark state, the screen is turned on, and the Aicy screen is always on to trigger the suggestion, long press on the vibrato/quick video to trigger the small window to open the music app.

Game mode:

The game assistant is adjusted to call out on the top edge of the left screen, supports the lock screen orientation, shields the pull-down notification bar gestures, adds game list management, adds game center and mini-game floating ball, and optimizes the gesture trigger distance and angle in the horizontal screen state.

Other improvements:

WLAN scanning is turned on by default to improve positioning accuracy, adapt to the full-scene video stabilization function of Meizu 17 Pro telephoto and Meizu 17 ultra-wide-angle, import filter 2.0, add video shooting and editing scenes, Meizu Pay adds support for Shenzhen Tong, online music regression (application independent push). (According to feedback from netizens, only Meizu 17 series models support online music)

In addition to updates, this update also fixes some bug, such as a problem-solving fingerprint to unlock flash video, press the fingerprint cursor does not respond, the problem is cleared micro-channel applets card micro-letters together is cleared, repair Occasionally the phenomenon that the standard charger cannot be charged normally, solve the problem of power failure or dissatisfaction after being fully charged, solve the problem of occasional beeping of the mobile phone, fix the phenomenon of shaking back in some scenarios, and solve the problem of turning on DC The problem that the brightness cannot be adjusted after dimming.


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