Meizu 19 Concept: Under-Screen Cameras, Snapdragon 895


Meizu 19 will also adopt an under-screen camera design, which also makes the phone, visual effects very good. At present, the relevant information of the phone has been confirmed, so let’s take a look with the brand new Meizu 19 will look like this time! Meizu 19 will adopt a brand-new appearance design scheme. On the front design of the new phone, Meizu 19 will adopt a brand-new full-screen design scheme. With the addition, the screen-to-body ratio on the front of the new phone has also been significantly improved. On the screen parameters of the new phone, Meizu 19 is equipped with a 2K 120Hz refresh rate screen. This screen has a very good realistic effect and is even better in use.

In the back design of the new phone, Meizu 19 will adopt a rear-mounted four-camera combination. The specific arrangement of the four-camera has not been confirmed, but according to Meizu’s design ideas, it is more likely to adopt a matrix double-row layout. In the design of the back of the fuselage, Meizu 19 will be made of frosted glass material, and its feel will be even better. In terms of the overall design of the new phone, Meizu19 continues the family design concept, and the visual effect of the whole phone is even better, especially the edge processing is more in line with Meizu’s pursuit of small and beautiful.

Meizu19 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 895 processor from Qualcomm. The performance of this processor is also very powerful. Compared with the current mainstream Snapdragon 888, the Snapdragon 895 will have a more balanced power consumption. Performance, while the heat of the new processor can also be further controlled. As for the memory combination of the new phone, Meizu 19 will start with a 12GB+256GB memory combination. The new phone will have a 16GB+512GB memory combination. This memory combination can be considered the ultimate in the Android market. It can meet the needs of most users.

In the camera combination of the new phone, Meizu19 will be equipped with a single 100 Megapixels plus a single 12 Megapixels plus a single 20 Megapixels plus a single 30X zoom four-camera combination, and on the front camera of the new phone , The phone will be equipped with a single 20 Megapixel front camera. In terms of other configurations of the new phone, Meizu 19 will use flagship features such as under-screen fingerprint recognition, wireless charging, facial recognition and NFC, which can also effectively enhance the user experience.

The new Meizu 19 will be officially released in the first quarter of next year. It is not far from this time, but the final launch time of the new phone needs further confirmation. In terms of the price of the new phone, Meizu 19 will continue to position itself in the high-end flagship market. The price of the new phone is also relatively expensive. According to forecasts, its starting price will be 4999 yuan. I don’t know if you will choose to support this price. What about Meizu? There is only so much news about Meizu 19 at present.

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