Meizu 19 is Equipped With an Under-Screen Camera with 100 Megapixels


Meizu’s performance in the mobile phone market this year has improved slightly, but due to years of reasons, the market share of Meizu mobile phones has not performed well, but this does not hinder Meizu’s determination to develop small and beautiful mobile phones. This year’s Meizu 18 has been upgraded in many places, especially the ad-free design, which brings an excellent user experience. With the passage of time, the news of Meizu’s next-generation flagship mobile phone, Meizu 19, has also begun to increase. The relevant information of the phone has been confirmed, So let’s take a look at the brand new Meizu 19 will look like this time!  Meizu 19 will adopt a new design scheme. The front design of the new phone adopts Meizu’s consistent style. Meizu 19 is equipped with an under-screen camera, which greatly increases the front screen ratio of the new phone and the edge of the new phone. Control is also more in place. On the screen parameters of the new phone, Meizu 19 will be equipped with a 2K 120Hz refresh rate screen, which will further improve the experience of the new phone, especially when playing games, the smoothness of the screen will be more obvious.

In the back design of the new phone, Meizu 19 will adopt a rear four-camera combination. This design is also in line with the development trend of current mobile phones. The cameras of the new phone are arranged in a matrix and are located in the upper left corner of the body. The back of the new phone uses Built with a frosted body, the effect of the back of the whole machine is very good. In terms of the overall design of the new phone, Meizu 19 will continue the classic design concept of the Meizu family, and the pure white color of the Meizu 19 will also be retained, which also makes the appearance of the Meizu19 more worthy of everyone’s expectations.

Meizu 19 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 895 processor from Qualcomm. The performance of this processor is also very powerful. It continues to support 5G network functions. In order to better exert its performance advantages, Meizu19 is also equipped with a brand new Cooling module, which can also greatly improve the efficiency of the mobile phone. In terms of the memory combination of the new phone, Meizu 19 will start with a 12GB+256GB memory combination, and the new phone will have a 16GB+512GB memory combination. This memory combination is also very advantageous, whether it is playing games. It’s enough to watch a movie.

In the camera combination of the new phone, Meizu 19 will be equipped with a single 100 Megapixel plus a single 12 Megapixel plus a single 20 Megapixel plus a single 8 Megapixel four-camera combination, on the front camera of the new phone, The machine is equipped with a single 20 Megapixel front camera, such an imaging system is also the mainstream of the current mobile phone market. In terms of other configurations of the new phone, Meizu 19 will support flagship functions such as under-screen fingerprint recognition, wireless charging, fast charging and NFC.

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The new Meizu 19 will be officially released early next year. There is still some time before the release of the new phone. We will continue to pay attention to the news of this phone. In terms of price, Meizu19 will continue to maintain its market positioning as a high-end phone. The starting price of the new phone will be 4799 yuan, but the final price of the new phone has not yet been confirmed, but I believe the deviation will not be particularly large.

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