Meizu 55W Quick Charge Can Charge a Smartphone Full in 20 Minutes


Today Meizu has released the third quick charge technology, Super mCharge at MWC 2017, claiming that it can charge a smartphone with 3,000mAh battery in 20 minutes. Super mCharge is the third generation quick charge technology (mCharge 18W,mCharge 2.0 24W), using 11V/5A high voltage direct charging scheme, up to 55W, it can charge 3,000mAh battery full in 20 minutes, compared with common charging speed, it has improved over 5 times.

Meizu Super mCharge will combine the advantages of big current fast charge and big voltage fast charge to achieve low heat, high efficiency.

After charging 3,000mAh battery, according to real test, it has 38℃ highest temperature, equal to human’s normal temperature.

Meizu Super mCharge will large current fast charge, and large voltage fast filling one’s own advantage, low fever, high efficiency is realized. Using innovative charge pump technology, two groups of circuit, half the output voltage directly, can let the charging efficiency is as high as 98%, 9% efficiency leading ordinary way.

Under 55W power,  it can’t be used by common cable, power adapter, and battery. Meizu has improved Meizu 55W quick charge with 20V/8A, up to 160W transmission to keep wire safe. After customizing chip, it can own over 80% capacity after 800 times recycling charging and discharging.

In addition, Super mCharge provides voltage, current monitor adjusting management and other 10 kinds of protection.  Just check Meizu 55W quick charge real photos and test.


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